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is non-profit NGO established on the 21st of September 2005 by Ms. Odetė Abromavičiūtė. Activities of Culture Artfact are partially financed by its Dutch partners, private and benevolent people, the fold, and obtaining financial resources available in the Republic of Lithuania under various programs.
Creative team consists of highly motivated artists, creators, performers, pedagogues, Lithuanian performers currently residing abroad, and project implementation team – of reliable employees that are professionals in their respective fields.

Lithuanian culture in Europe and all over the world. International cooperation, enshrining fondness of people, art, nature, harmonious environment and the motherland.

Turn to creative person and overcome disrespect to a personality, a human being, which has rooted and spread during the Soviet times, take care of growing performers of a new generation, talented artists and seniors, preserve LT identity and proclaim the name of Lithuania all over the world. We find spreading of professional art in the community particularly important, meanwhile forming and developing artistic taste and attitudes of the growing audience.

Satisfying public interests through activities useful to the community by looking for the ways of self-expression, settling relevant social, educational, sports and cultural issues in the language of art, and enshrining the true values through participation in new art projects.

1. Strive at creating conditions for active creative and concert activities, purposeful education/training, obtaining experience of working on the stage, inducing informal education/training and purposeful engagement in the field of promotion of classical and modern art.
2. Strive for taking art as close to everybody as possible.
3. Use even the most unconventional spaces for spreading art.
4. Assure continuance of professional projects.
5. Motivate composers and professional artists to create pieces of art for children, and children – to learn enjoy the creative process and its outcomes.
6. Present intellectual works of Lithuanian origin in Europe and Lithuanian communities abroad.

Culture Artfact is developing two programs of strategic activities that consolidate culture and development of a healthy personality:

1. Formation of the new generation’s attitude towards culture and its pulse in the everyday life
2. The Child and Culture
3. Implementation of international art project European Arts & Parks Festival
4. Vilnius – the Capital of European Culture 2009
5. Development of cultural tourism (art, economics, tourism, cultural heritage).
6. Sports and music

Development of a healthy personality:
1. Integration of the deaf and hard-of-hearing
2. Integration of people with eyesight disability

Culture Artfact is an inexhaustible source of ideas, sparkling with positive energy, which attracts as a magnet everybody, who misses novelties and harmony. Our team includes free artists, culture managers, professionals in their respective fields, who have plenty of good desires and hopes, and are trying to form and develop a new attitude to benefit Lithuanian culture and art.

We strive and professional spreading of art in the society through the formation and development of artistic taste of the growing audience.

Participation of children and seniors in the projects is of particular importance; therefore we offer multifaceted and unique programs that strengthen the concept of spreading art and charity events, and the range of true values. Through the process of creation we promote civic activeness of the community in settling gaps of Lithuanian laws that violate intellectual property and author’s rights of creative people.

• Management of artists and performers
• Cultural tourism
• International cultural exchange
• Premiere works and staging for children
• Organization of classical, chamber music concerts

• Charitable, educational, and social events
• Music-related, art actions in Lithuanian cities, towns and peripheries
• Patronage of Lithuanian classical music talents, laureates of international contests
• Tailor-made and thematic art programs

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