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ODETĖ ABROMAVIČIŪTĖ (*1969) \'\' \'\'

Odetė Abromavičiūtė attended the 8th secondary school in Panevėžys and children music school (the piano class of the expert-pedagogue G. Beleckienė); J. Švedas pedagogic music school, and has studied choir conducting special-ity (the class of the lecturer E. Šeduikytė). She was a singer of Panevėžys women choir Volungė (artistic director and conductor G. Viržonienė), attended Ethnographical Ensemble (led by A. Grėbliūnas).
She was playing volley-ball for 10 years and has won several prizes at inter-republican contests. 
Odetė is a holder of the diploma of the National Contest "Young performers 1984” in Klaipėda.

In 1998 she graduated from Lithuanian Music Academy under choir conducting line of studies (the class of senior lecturer Vyt. Žvirblis and Prof. Vyt. Miškinis) having the diploma of Bachelor of Choir Conductor and the qualifi-cation of a teacher of choir and music subjects. She has worked for several well-known companies with foreign capital in the capacity of Sales and Marketing Manager. Later on, she attended a refresher course in France given by the companies Parfums Christian Dior and Lancôme.

In 1998 – 1999 she contributed to M.Pliseckaya and R.Shchedrin project Trakai Festival. She used to organize sponsorship programs, look for sponsors, coordinate the festival and take care of the groups of performers.
In 1999 through 2001, she was studying Business Management at the British Open University and has been conferred the Master degree.

She has been a member (Soprano I) of Vilnius Municipality Chamber Choir Jauna Muzika (Art Director and Con-ductor V. Augustinas) for 12 years. Together with the choir she she she has recorded several CDs and represented Lithuania in Europe, Scandinavian countries, Vatican, Israel and Japan. She has been to North Korea, Cyprus. Jauna Muzika has participated in 13 international competitions and has won first prizes at 11 of them (in 1993 in Varna (Bulgaria) the choir was awarded the highest prize – Grand Prix Europeo), has taken part in various international festivals, cultural pro-jects, concerts, mastery courses with the most acclaimed foreign conductors. The choir Jauna Muzika has sung with world-acclaimed symphony orchestras (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Moscow Virtuosi, Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, Lithuanian National Orchestra, Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, Berlin, Ludwigsberg and other orchestras) under conduct of acclaimed conductors M. Mc Gegen, N. Sheriff, W. Goinenvein, D. Shallon, V. Ashkenazy, V. Spivakov, R. Alessandrini, G. Graden, M. Sidlin, S. Sondeckis and G. Rinkevičius.

In 1998 through 2001 she worked as an actor for American serials New Adventures of Robin Hood, The Heat, En-dangered Species; in 2006 for Sweden - The Sanapphanar. In 2002 through 2004 she was working as a video model for advertising for the biggest Lithuanian companies (Eurovaistinė, Maxima, Utenos alus, Omnitel Extra, Bitė GSM, Sampo bankas, Norfa, etc.)

In 2002 she was coordinating the following projects: Šokantys Joninių laužai (in Panevėžys, Vilnius and Kaunas), the IV European AIDS/HIV conference. She was compiling material intended for sponsors on the photo album Mes ir Lietuva and the Song Festival of Lithuanians of The World Mes – 2003, the musical Velnio nuotaka and the festival Vilnius Mama Jazz. She was responsible for development, control and coordination of social and cultural programs, execution of instructions of the management.

In 2003–2004, Odetė Abromavičiūtė was working for the Lithuanian National Philharmonic in the capacity of Head of the Concert Department and was responsible for administration and coordination of LNP collectives’ con-cert activities in Lithuania and abroad, festivals (Kuršių Nerija, Gaida, Pažaislis Festival, Vilnius Festival, XXIII and XXXIV classical music cycles Night Serenades), as well as coordination and control of activities of concert organizers (6 persons) and other departments, following Government’s Resolutions on Concert affairs.

In August 2004, she attended a refresher course at Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University in the Netherlands, organized by Felix Merits. Theme of the course was Innovative Strategies in International Cultural Cooperation. Odetė seeks to apply her knowledge and experience obtained for the implementation of new cultural projects in Lithuania.

In September 2004 she initiated development of the website, art projects The Seasons and European Arts & Parks Festival. Odetė introduced the idea of the project in Cannes, at the international fair of the music industry MIDEM 2005, (France), EXPO - LITHUANIA AICHI 2005 in Nagoya (Japan).
In February 2006-2007 she became a student of Europe Culture Management Diploma 2006/2007 by Fondation Marcel Hicter (Brussels). Studies was suspended because of the economical-political situation in the country.

In September 2005 founded the NGO "Kultūros artelė"/ "Culture Artfact".  Initiated new art projects like "In Memoriam 2005;  "Four Seasons" 2005, "Graphic artists of Vilnius to people with eyesight disability"; "Moz'Art 2006; "Wish to be like them", "International summer art academy ART BALTICA 2007-2013", "Lets'create in Lithuania", "Afrik@LT2008-2013" and many others.

Together with her congenial, she is looking for solving cultural and social problems in the language of arts.


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