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\'\'Business news (PDF Verslo zinios) 5/12/2006
Rima Rutkauskaitė "My Business"

“Certified artists usually get involved in organisation of commercial events, since they can make a better living out of that. Eventually, one starts thinking of the persistent value and needs; therefore when they decide to become art managers, they encounter with absence of the culture policy in Lithuania and system problems resulting from that.

It is difficult to earn from serious classical music and professional art as long as the “constellation” of TV “stars” predominates in Lithuania”, contemplates Odeta Abromavičiūtė, the incorporator and director of a NGO Culture Artfact.

Moreover, according to her, working with real artists is not easy, since every one of them is a whimsical or dramatic personality, yet the projects and art products developed together and then sold to make one’s living have persistent value and are genuine art.

“At the time being, the sole approach based on foreign practice is paying more attention and granting more subsidies to private initiatives intended to develop cultural-social and non-profit activities. The so-called invitations for tender initiated by state institutions will not be loss-making only if you have some initial financing”, claims the collocutor.

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