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On the 28th February 2007, in the Vilnius Town Hall, presentation of the photo album Women by Vaidotas Grigas (*1955), a photographer of the magazine Stilius of the daily Lietuvos Rytas. The book contains only a small part of female portraits (representational, intimate, humoristic) taken by the photographer, yet those chosen for the book are enough to reveal the variety and beauty of the women’s universe created by the photographer. The woman in the book is a mature personality, a creator of herself, her world and, often, some wider spaces. The album Women by Vaidotas Grigas witnesses not just the mastery of the artist, but also the gift of empathy, his deep insight, and creativity.

On behalf of women-models, I’d like to express sincere gratitude to: the photo artist Vaidotas Grigas, compiler Algimantas Aleksandavičius, author of the essay The Universe of Women r.e. Jurga Ivanauskaitė, editor Audra Kairienė, translator Vida Urbonavičius-Watkins, artist Izaokas Zibucas, R. Paknys’ publishing house and sponsor of Women, highly respectable Mr. Saulius Karosas.

P.S. Moments from the photo session that took place on the 11th February 1999, in the apartments of the hotel STIKLIAI.
Image and make-up by Jolanta Sargautytė. Invitation to participate in the photo session (on Odeta’s birthday) was received from the model Rūta Bartašiūtė.
I would like to express sincere gratitude to her, Vaidotas Grigas and Jolanta Sargautytė for a nice aesthetical gift, which made me open up, overcome some taboos and find in myself something I haven’t seen before...
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