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Press release of the Public Institution “Culture Artfact”

16.07.2009, Vilnius


On 17 July 2009 (Friday), the 3rd international summer art academy Art Baltica 2009 will invite young Lithuanian talents (participants of the series of educational events “Create in Lithuania”) to Kuršėnai Children Foster Home (Pramonės Str. 2, Kuršėnai, Šiauliai district). This festival, which has become a traditional event organised by the Public Institution “Culture Artfact”, invites young people to spend their summer creatively and participate in a genuine feast of art, kites and dreams.

The most part of the programme of the festival “Create in Lithuania” will take place in a beautiful location – Kuršėnai, where the participants will have an opportunity to meet professional artists-pedagogues and talented and creative young people in the oasis of serenity and creative joy. Some events will take place in Panevėžys and Vilnius. This year’s programme includes creative workshops for the sighted and the blind, master classes for advanced players on the French horn, violin and classic guitar (by Turkish pedagogues). Yoga and karate kyokushin classes for beginners will also take place, and people having other interests will get to know folk art and audio-video laboratory. Participants will be able to choose from psychology, history of art, photography, dance and stage plastics classes, and will be able to attend seminars and trainings organised by Red Cross Lithuania. Follow further releases for more detailed program of ART BALTICA 2009.

“Art actions, “Super Arts Days”, improvisation concert in Užupis, sharing the joy of creation and achievements – all those things are included into our creative summer. We expect active participation of young people and invite children and youth to live more harmoniously, ecologically, healthier, and learn to settle social problems in the creative way”, points Odetė Abromavičiūtė, the author of the project “Create in Lithuania”. Classes will be given by famous Lithuanian and foreign lectors. Guardian of the project is Mr. Rimundas Domarkas, the Head of Administration of Šiauliai county.


On 18 and 22 July 2009, from 16.00 to 18.00 hrs, Art Action will take place on the central square of Kuršėnai. Participants of the project will introduce themselves to the community and invite everyone to join the ranks of creative people.

On 19 July 2009, at 11 AM, participants of the international summer art academy “Art Baltica 2009”, i.e. the youth from Aukštaitija (Upper Lithuania) and Žemaitija (Samogitia) who plays music and pupils of Šiauliai children foster homes, will have an excursion to the Chaim Frenkel Villa organised by the Aušra Museum in Šiauliai. Thereafter, at 1.30 PM an open lesson of Turkish pedagogues for those playing on French horn, violin or classic guitar will take place. Pedagogues from Turkey travel at their own expense, as they are willing to find new friends and partners through international cultural exchange. Everyone who is willing to meet them is welcome to register for the lesson by phone +370 659 69 211. This is a unique opportunity for performers striving for professional excellence. And if the lesson catches your interest, you will be welcome to attend further classes in Kuršėnai Children Foster Home on 20-25 July

At 2 PM, a concert of the chamber ensemble “Feverish” (Turkey) will take place. Participants: a concert of chamber music performed by Zafer Yümlü (French horn), Tuğrul Göğüş (violin), Süleyman Yildirim and Mert Kayali (classic guitar). Everyone is kindly welcomed to donate to the auction organised by the Aušra Museum in Šiauliai for the purpose of purchasing a piano for the museum. The concert will be broadcasted live on

On 26July 2009, participants of the project, together with pupils of children foster home, will travel to the Valley of Singing Stones MADZUHAI, which is under construction in Mažučiai village, Kretinga district. At 1 PM to 4 PM, Super Arts Day organised by participants of the Algirdas Karalius project “The Power of Persistence” will take place. Here we will meet creators, folk artists, healthy lifestyle supporters; this will be a genuine feast of art, kites and dreams. Do not miss the chance to attend the event and contribute to the establishment of a unique partnership park, the Valley of Singing Stones MADZUHAI! This event will be a farewell to the Žemaitija (Samogitia) region. Then we will start off to other amazingly beautiful cities, towns and townships of Lithuania.

On 27 July 2009, at 3 PM in Panevėžys, we will pay a visit to St. Joseph’s foster home for the elderly and the disabled, the construction process of which lasted almost 15 years. Mr. Juozapas Antanavičiaus, the priest of Upytė and the establisher of the foster home, and his wards will enrich their day by communicating creatively with the youth and foreign performers. Together with them, we will enjoy the art works and music programs created during the festival. You are kindly welcome to donate some funds to the St. Joseph’s Foster Home, legal entity code 148509129, address: Katedros aikštė 4, Acc. Nr. LT 137300010103900208 and LT517300010076427960.

On 28 July 2009, foreign guests will be visiting Užupis, the oasis of Vilnius artists. According to Darius Laumenis, gallery-club set in the premises of a former garage of Užupis art incubator should be the space, where days are dedicated to creation and work, and nights – to having good time in a good company. Everyone, who is willing to play music, will be able to measure his or her skills and possibilities. Užupis is full of good, creative spirits. Create. Share. Enjoy.
From 4 till 9 PM, the gallery-club “Stopkė” will host master classes of Turkish pedagogues to young dwellers of Vilnius who play on French horn, violin, and classic guitar. At 8 PM we will invite everybody to a concert of chamber music and improvisations.
On 29 July 2009, foreign guests participating in the project will visit the Embassy of Turkey in Vilnius, points of cultural tourism, and will have a chance to get a deeper insight into the cultural pulse of Vilnius and the 1000-year history of Lithuania.
On 30 July 2009, from 1 to 4 PM, everyone is welcome to attend the Super Arts Day in the Botanic Garden of Vilnius University (in Kairėnai).

“As long as we are young, persistent and creative, we are trying to curtail the period of waiting for success that is just round the corner. We have no time to be sad, when the summer is so wonderful, when we have plenty of excellent teachers in Lithuania and there’s so much goodness around us. It feels go to learn, especially in summer, since in winter we make efforts to get warm and treat the sadness of our souls with memories”, Ms. Odetė Abromavičiūtė, the restless initiator of the project was saying.

See you in the classes or Super Arts festivals!

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