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Create in Lithuania: Art Baltica 2010 has started

22 July 2010, Vilnius

Press Release


By NGO “Culture Art Fact”

\'\' On 22 July 2010, at 15.00, in VU Botanic Garden in Kairėnai, the presentation of the 4th international summer art academy Art Baltica 2010 being a component of the project “Create in Lithuania” will take place. In the academy, young artists and performers will be united by civic spirit and creativity and different new forms of artistic self-expression. Art Baltica 2010 aims to promote tolerance. Therefore, young people with eyesight disability or those, who have grown in children foster homes also take part in the project. The 4th summer art academy Art Baltica 2010, which has settled at the Baltic Sea and will take place from 23 July till 1 August 1st, will offer classes for its participants to be given by well-known Lithuanian and foreign pedagogues and professionals in their respective fields. The special guest of the 4th summer art academy isthe painter Larisa Pavlova. She will share her experience with participants of Art Baltica 2010.

On 22 July, the lovers of art and people willing to get involved in the creative process with Larisa Pavlova will have an opportunity to take part in the improvised mini creative workshop at the VU Botanic Garden in Kairėnai. They will also have the opportunity to take part in a guided tour around the botanic garden and marvel at its landscape, plant collections, watch a video from the last year’s international summer art academy “Art Baltica 2009” (the final event of the academy on the 30 July 2009 took place in the same garden) and listen to classical music performed by young musicians.

Larisa Pavlova (St. Petersburg, Russia) lost her eyesight at the age of eight, yet her parents paid much attention to her versatile education. The loss of eyesight did not prevent Larisa from learning to draw and try to master the secrets of art from the well-known Russian artist, talented teacher Yury Nashivochnikhov. In 2005, Larisa Pavlova became a member of the Russian Artists Union. She has won quite many honourable awards.

When creating, Larisa uses different techniques and unexpected aids: gouache on paper, pencils on textiles, modelling clay on cardboard, images on aluminium foil, polystyrene slabs, Splendorlux paper, etc. The artist is an active participant of exhibitions, international art and educational projects intended for people with eyesight disability.

The Public Institution “Culture Artfact” already implemented the project “Create in Lithuania” for the fourth year. It consists of a series of events intended for the promotion of the development of social integration and civic spirit among Lithuanian youth, as well as the development of creative spaces in different regions of Lithuania.

The following events were organised in 2009 – 2010: Afrik@LT2008-2013 (the first TV-bridge between the Panevėžys Principal School for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing and the Kenyan School for Children With Special Needs “Little Rock”: Nairobi - Vilnius), charitable exhibitions of art photography “Mama Africa” in Panevėžys, Zarasai, Šiauliai, and Vilnius regions; presentations of 3 new books (the historical book “The Old Chronicle of the Balts” by Jūratė Statkutė de Rosales, a book with tactile illustrations “Mythological Symbols of Lithuanians” based on the project “Cosmogony, The Live Art” inspired by the oeuvre of the painter Virginijus Kašinskas, and a poetry book “Sounding Apart” by the poet Ieva Anelauskaitė. I. Anelauskaitė also initiated a new series of educational events for children and youth aimed at developing verbal expression, promoting creativity and the search for self, learning to see and hear with your heart (“Words from The Bent Grass”); chamber music concerts in St. Joseph home for elderly and disabled people (Panevėžys), Kuršėnai Children Foster Home (Šiauliai district), art gallery “Stopkė” (Vilnius), Ch. Frenkel’s villa (Šiauliai), the valley of singing stones “Madzuchai” (Kretinga district), the Pūčkoriai cannon mill (Pavilniai regional park), an international tennis tournament for elderly people at the closing gala feast of “Dubingiai Open 2009”; the development of websites for young talents:,,; exhibitions of the author’s works by Renata Laučkienė and Jūratė Vadapalienė (Panevėžyes district) “The Touch of Angels” and regularly updated information in social networks.

In 2010, the NGO “Culture Artfact” invited people to the following projects: the cultural heritage protection action “The Touch of Angels: Nevėžninkai (Sandėlis) Chapel. In cooperation with the Panevėžys M. Rimkevičaitė Technology School, we have organised a civic artistic self expression contest “Is there anyone to witness that I was given to you, my homeland?”. “Culture Artfact” took part in some events of the state-level importance; took part in the Baltic Sea countries’ youth event “Be young”, “Startup Jam Baltic”. Together with Turkish partners (members of the chamber ensemble “Feverish”), we are currently working on a project initiated by the Turkish violinist and pedagogue Tuğrul Göğüş aimed at the dialog with Lithuania: Online Music Encyclopaedia . The development of information on Lithuanian composers, whose works were performed by the Turkish musicians during their visit in Lithuania, is in progress.

As already mentioned above, the summer art academy “Art Baltica 2010”, a part of the project “Create in Lithuania” will be organised for the fourth time in 2010. The Art academy organised by the NGO “Culture Artfact” is unique for the development of artistic skills of both talented healthy young people and young people with eyesight disability, as well as young people who grow up in children foster homes. In this way, the participants of the academy do not only develop their musical and artistic skills while taking classes given by Lithuanian and foreign pedagogues, but also attend lectures on different topics and learn from each other to accept and understand differences and stay and create together with “different” people.

The key objective of the summer art academies organised by “Culture Artfact” is developing and upbringing a harmonious personality. Therefore, classes of musical performance are accompanied by classes during which participants of the academy gain different knowledge and advise related to the movement on the stage, appearance, development of one’s body and nutrition. Every year, the staff of the academy includes a psychologist, kinesiotherapist, yoga instructor, and other professionals. Young performers who form the largest part of participants of the summer art academy develop a concert programme, which is then performed at different concert spaces all over Lithuania.

The model of the summer art academy organised by NGO Culture Artfact has become an example for other art academies organised by other organisations. At the 1st summer art academy “Art Baltica 2007” (a camp in Berčiūnai, Panevėžys district), young performers gathered into a symphony orchestra (conductor: Laurynas Vakaris Lopas) and performed the programme they had developed with their teachers for the members of the Lithuanian Catholic Federation “Ateitis” (those members were campingat the central square of Anykščiai town), in the St. Catherine’s Church in Vilnius, and the Klaipėda Concert Hall. Young people with eyesight disability also took part in the academy. They had a separate programme of artistic development (painting classes for the weak-sighted and tactile graphic classes for the blind). However, the participants of the both programmes (both young performers and artistic development) had the opportunity to take part in all classes and events of the academy.

The community theme was already emphasized during the first summer art academy: participants of the academy visited the pupils of Panevėžys children foster home: fairy tales were read for the youngest, they jointly took part in an event in Panevėžys city centre. A small group of participants of the academy visited their coevals at the Panevėžys prison for women.

The 2nd and the 3rd “Art Baltica” in 2008 and 2009 took place at the Kuršėnai Children Foster Home It was an excellent opportunity to get its pupils involved in the events of the summer art academy: gifted and creative young people living at the children foster home and performers and artists from different places all over Lithuania took part in different classes and lectures. Fairy tales were read for the youngest pupils and conditions were created for taking part in the events of the academy. The participants of the academy could choose between the development of their musical performance or artistic imaging skills. Foreign pedagogues were invited to give classes at the academy: Bernhard Woestheinrich (Germany) and Hokshila Andrade. The academy, continuing the tradition of the project “Create in Lithuania” to cooperate with Kenya, Italy, The Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland is becoming international.

At the 4th international summer art academy “Art Baltica 2010”, participants can again choose from two programmes: musical performance and visual and tactile arts. Lithuanian and Russian artists and lectors were invited to give classes at the academy to young talented people from all over Lithuania and children with disability suffering from social exclusion. Like every summer, the creative camp will end with the presentation of the works and the musical programmes at different festivals of the Lithuanian regions and cities/towns. The participants will be awarded with participation certificates. On 30 July 2010, the participants of “Art Baltica” are expected to make a presentation “Art Baltica: Create in Klaipėda City Park!” within the framework of the Sea Festival. The action is organised by the movement “Resident of Klaipėda, Revive Your City Park!”.

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