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MYTHOLOGICAL SYMBOLS OF LITHUANIANS: a new illustrated book for the blind reader

15th December, 2009

Press Release

by NGO “Culture Artfact”


“Mythological Symbols of Lithuanians”: a new illustrated book for the blind reader

Philosopher Karl Jaspers once said that symbols speak in mythological paintings, and no other language can convey their essence. A meeting between Odetė Abromavičiūtė, the Director of the NGO “Culture Artfact” with the painter Virginijus Kašinskas (Kaunas) inspired her to develop a project that joint social discoveries of art, science, technologies and audio-images within the framework of the international festival “Create in Lithuania: Cosmogony, The Live Art”. On 16 December 2009, at 11.00, a new book for the blind “Mythological Symbols of Lithuanians” will reach the Lithuanian Library for the Blind. The book was developed by the art critic Diana Raudonienė and the painter and designer Asta Jonaitytė (Vilnius).

“The decorative shine of colours in the paintings by Virginjus Kašinskas reveal in from of the eyes of the onlooker the world of ideal, crystal-clear celestial sphere”, art critic Saulius Mikėnas says. And how do you show that to a blind person, how do you convey the symbols of the universe used in the oeuvre of the painter?

Tactile illustrations of the book “Mythological Symbols of Lithuanians” provide the possibility to touch the treasury of Lithuanian mythology and culture with your fingertips (in the world of those, who can see we would say “in the tail of somebody’s eye”).

On 16 December 2009, at 11.00, the book with tactile illustrations “Mythological Symbols of Lithuanians” developed on the initiative of the NGO “Culture Artfact” will be presented at the Lithuanian Library for the Blind (Skroblų Str. 10, Vilnius) and donated to the library. Taking into consideration that this book is intended for people with eyesight disability, it has been published in two versions: in the Braille system for the blind and the conventional flat printing in a larger fond for the week-sighted reader. The basis of the book is composed by the 7 mythological symbols and their accompanying texts . The book was illustrated by the painter and designer Asta Jonaitytė and the text author and painter Virginijus Kašinskas. The blind reader, whether young or old, feels the lack of illustrated books in Lithuania. The NGO “Culture Artfact” has contributed to solving the problem by developing this book with tactile illustrations.

Sponsors: Yanos International (the Netherlands), the Municipality of Vilnius city and 2% of resident income tax of employed Lithuanians.

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More information on developers of the book for the blind

Virginijus Kašinskas, lector, painter and active participant of cultural projects, workshops and plain-airs has mastered the language of ethnic culture, Lithuanian mythological symbols, necrocult traditions and the symbols and colours of sacral rituals, He was born on 15 May 1955, in Šilalė district, Samogitia. From 1981 till 1987, he studied at the Art Institute in Vilnius (currently: the Vilnius Art Academy) majoring in painting. Since 1992, he is a member of Lithuanian Artists Association. From 2005, he has been granted the status of an art creator. He has taken an active part in exhibitions from 1987. He organised 52 exhibitions of his paintings, drawings and photographs in Lithuania and abroad. In addition, he took part in national and international painting exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, international painting plain-airs, and art auction. Some works by Virginijus Kašinskas have been acquired by Lithuanian museums, art lovers and collectors from Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Germany, USA, Canada, France, Luxembourg, Israel and Denmark. The painter has started cooperating with the NGO “Culture Artfact” in 2007. For more information:

Diana Raudoniene is an art critic, doctoral student of Vilnius Academy of Art, and initiator of projects for the blind in Lithuania. From 7 till 30 September 2006, she organised the exhibition “Wood and linen. Graphic artists of Vilnius for people with visual disability” at the Lithuanian Library for the Blind. In 2007 and 2008, she gave art lessons for young people with eyesight disability at the international summer art academies Art Baltica. She is a regular participant of exhibitions and art actions within the framework of the festival “Create in Lithuania”.
In 2009, she participated in the project “Cosmogony, The Live Art”, initiated the development of the book with tactile illustrations “Mythological Symbols of Lithuanians”, and cooperated with the painter and designer Asta Jonaityte in the process of developing the book. For more information:

In 2009, painter and designer Asta Jonaitytė gained her Master’s Degree at the Vilnius Academy of Art. Her thesis was on the topic of “Tactile Book”. The work was reviewed by the VAA doctoral student Diana Raudonienė. They further cooperated in the project “Cosmogony, The Live Art” organised by the NGO “Culture Artfact” and developed the book with tactile illustrations “Mythological Symbols of Lithuanians”.

In 1993, she graduated from the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy holding a diploma of choir disciplines and singing teacher. She was a member of the Vilnius City Municipal Chamber Choir “Jauna muzika” (1 soprano), laureate of the Contest of Young Lithuanian Performers (1989) and many international choir contests (1989 – 1999). She is the founder and director of the NGO “Culture Artfact”, author of many international social art and culture cooperation projects, and participant of European culture management studies, forums and workshops in different European countries. She constantly works on the development and implementation of international projects for children, youth and elderly people, engaging talented Lithuanian youth and volunteers. In 2004-2009, Odetė Abromavičiūtė developed, initiated and implemented the following international art and culture projects: the website, a series of cultural tourism projects in Lithuania “The Seasons 2004-2006”, “Moc‘Art 2005-2006”, the festival “Create in Lithuania” and the international summer art academy “Art Baltica 2007-2013”. For more information:

The NGO “Culture Artfact” in A Nutshell

Culture Artfact has already been looking for clear springs in the cultural waters of the country for several years. It is an inexhaustible source of ideas, sparkling with positive energy attracting as a magnet everybody who misses novelties and harmony. Our team includes free artists, culture managers, professionals in their respective fields, who have plenty of good desires and hopes, and are trying to form and develop a new attitude to benefit Lithuanian culture and art and develop the taste for art of the growing audience.

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