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Mindaugas Coronation Day in Užupis

On July 6th, on the bank of Vilnelė, in Užupis, the Mecca of artists, celebration of Mindaugas Coronation Day will take place.

\'\' July 6th, Užupio 2, 19.00

Public Institution Užupio meno inkubatorius, organizer of the feast, and Public Institution Culture Artfact, co-organizer, will invite lovers of music, painting, sculpture, photography and cinema. Fashion collections will be demonstrated under the sounds of live music.

A special part of the event will be the opening of Užupis Art Harbour with participation of students of UNESCO associated schools, Užupis Gymnasium and participants of the project Moc‘Art 2006. They will arrange swimming of spectacular ships and venturesome boat race.

Organizers of the feast induce looking back to nationality, reviving it through contemporary, playful and conceptual solutions. The national holiday, Mindaugas Coronation Day, will become an innovative celebration of the historical event. On this occasion one aims at looking back to controversial twists and turns of Lithuanian history, and remembering the first and the only Lithuanian king Mindaugas – the personality, who outmatched his time with his political strategy, mentality and spiritual strength.

Užupis is the block of artists, people of Užupio meno inkubatorius that are working there are known for organization of distinctive and unconventional events.

\'\' Agenda:

- Unveiling of Užupis frescoes. Topic – the old spirit of Užupis: craftsmen workshops, baths, studios, bakeries;
- Opening of new premises of Užupis Galera. Starting from July 1st, paintings of young talented artists working in the South France will be exhibited; the Days of Finland will take place, during which works-installation of Finnish artists will be demonstrated. Exhibitions of paintings, sculpture and photography by Užupis artists will cover the entire area (on external walls of houses, above the river Vilnelė). Straw sculptures will be spread in the entire territory.
- Opening of Užupis Art Harbour. Various ships come to the harbour and the best ideas depart from it. It is a point of stopovers and meetings. This part of the event is an exceptional one, as students of UNESCO associated schools, Užupis Gymnasium and participants of the project Moc‘Art 2006 will be taking part in it. They will arrange swimming of spectacular ships and venturesome boat race.

Orchestra of the winds and a duo of kanklės-players (kanklės is a Lithuanian plucked string instrument – chordophone) will be playing. New fashion collections developed specifically for this feast on the topic of Lithuanian identity will be demonstrated under the sounds of live music. Several young and professional talents have joined well-known designers Jolanta Rimkutė and Ieva Ševiakovaitė for the project.

A project of musical folklore, sutartinės (Lithuania-specific folk singing in unison) to be specific, and video demonstration Lino laikas (The Time of Linen) will be presented at the celebration. It aims at joining two different kinds of art – traditional sutartinės and contemporary video art. The period of time between them is probably as long as a couple of thousands. The contrast between these kinds of art representing different times is highlighted by the manner of signing of sutartinės singers Trys keturiose (Three in Four), which is close to authentic.

After dark, a program of video-films VideoLietuva (VideoLithuania) will be demonstrated, which will consist of works in various genres by students of the Photography and Media Art Department of Vilnius Academy of Art. In their creative documentary, animation, musical clips and subtle video-diaries authors speak of Lithuanianness and contemporarily analyse the topic of identity and its value. The program of video-films was compiled by Mr. Audrius Mickevičius, a lector of VAA. It consists of 9 films, 3-15 min. each.

Mr. Darius Laumenis residing in Marseilles (France) will come specifically for the celebration and will prepare a particular highlight thereof – a sculpture Lazda turi du galus (Every Stick has Two Ends), artistic conception of which will be kept in secret till the beginning of the event...

Mindaugas Coronation Day in Užupis will welcome all active and youthful people, who care about historical heritage of the nation, and everybody, who appreciate artistic activities and contemporary ideas.

Organizers of the celebration:
Public Institution Užupio meno inkubatorius:

And Public Institution Kultūros artelė:
LT-Identity artists:

For more information please contact:
Darius Laumenis 8 619 24796
Jolanta Rimkutė 8 686 04609
Odeta Abromavičiūtė 8 616 59577

Brief program of the event Mindaugas Coronation Day in Užupis:

19.00 The beginning of the celebration. Unveiling of Užupis frescoes.
19.30 Honour of Mindaugas Coronation Day, opening of the event.
20.00 Opening of new premises of Užupis Galera. Painting, photography, sculpture exhibitions.
Artists from South France, Lithuania and Finland.
20.40 Official opening of Užupis Art Harbour. Spectacular swimming, boat race.
21.10 Fashion show LT-Identity, live music.
22.00 Musical folklore-video project Lino laikas (The Time of Linen)
22.30 Video-film program VideoLietuva (VideoLithuania)
23.40 Closing of the celebration

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