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Graphic artists of Vilnius to people with eyesight disability

29th August 2006, Vilnius / Lithuania/




“Wood and linen. Graphic artists of Vilnius for people with visual disability”

A unique exhibition “Wood and linen. Graphic artists of Vilnius for people with visual disability” will take place on September 7-30, 2006 at the Lithuanian Library for the Blind (Skroblų 10, Vilnius). The exhibition is also of interest for the sighted, since they will be able to plunge into a world of different senses by simply shutting their eyes.

The exposition is comprised of clichés and plates by graphic artists working with linen and wood scrimshaw techniques. Their exposition will be adapted to the capabilities of the blind and people with visual disabilities to perceive a piece of art by touching and/or seeing it with the help of image-enhancing tools. Visitors, who otherwise cannot experience pieces of graphic art in the usual way – by looking at them. will be able to comprehend them in other ways. Descriptions of the works and the authors’ creative activities provided in Braille or larger print will enable guests to become acquainted with contemporary professional artists

“The works to be exhibited were not made specifically for the exhibition. When choosing the works (clichés), we first of all considered the cognition-by-touching criterion,” says art critic and curator of the exhibition Diana Raudonienė. Selection of this kind, based on tactile criteria instead of visual, was aimed at showing that a large part of works developed for the wide audience of the sighted can also reach blind perceivers of art, as well as those with eyesight disability, when arrangement for proper conditions of exhibiting such works are made.

This proactive project initiated by the Public Institution “Culture ArtFact” is aimed at introducing a different groups of perceivers of artists and their works to society at large, as well as promoting close dialogue, developing the sense of cognition and discovery, and encouraging sensitive communication regarding art and people with visual disability. Application of traditional and up-to-date technologies in the development of graphic works intended for seeing and touching is interesting for professional graphic artists. Participants of the project: Viktorija Daniliauskaitė, Danutė Gražienė, Laisvydė Balčiūtė, Kęstutis Vasiliūnas, Gerardas Šlektavičius, Roberta Vaigeltaitė, Inga Dargužytė, Jonas Čepas, Arvydas Pakalka and Danutė Kairytė. Some of them are interested in the relation of the visual and the tactile in graphic art. These artists provide the visually impaired an aesthetic, enriching experience.

“We are sure that the exhibition ‘Wood and linen. Graphic artists of Vilnius for people with visual disability’ is one way of addressing social problems through art. The exhibition will enrich our inner world and be a welcome change from the intens routine of life,” says Odeta Abromavičiūtė, the director of the enterprise. The project is supported by the Municipality of Vilnius. The opening of the exhibition will take place on September 7, 2006 at 16:00. Organisers of the exhibition wish you new discoveries and sensations.

How to find Skroblų Str. 10  please look at the MAP.
The Crossroad of Naugarduko and Zemaites Str, in the yard of the shop "Dubingiai"

For more information please contact:
Curator of the exhibition: Diana Raudonienė, tel. +370 98 87170

Organiser: Public Institution "Culture Artfact"
Director Odeta Abromavičiūtė, tel. +370 616 595 77, e-mail:
To find out more, please go to

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