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Artworks by Authors from Panevezys to the Delegation of Japanese Emperor

26.05.2007, Vilnius. Information of the NGO"Culture Artfact"

Saturday, 26th May (Vilnius). His Majesty Japanese Emperor Akihito and his wife Michiko arrive to Lithuanian with an official visit. The family of Japanese Emperors was welcomed in state by His Excellence Mr. Valdas Adamkus, the President of Lithuania, and his wife Mrs. Alma Adamkiene.

Artworks of pupils with hearing disability from Panevezys, who participate in the educational-social project ‘I’d Like to be Like Them’ organised by the Public Institution Culture Artfact, and embroidered pictures with cherry blossoms made by the resident of the same city of venerable age Mrs. Apolonija Abromavičienė were handed over to the President’s House on the eve of the visit. We hope that the lovely and warm gifts will gladden the members of the delegation of His Majesty Japanese Emperor Akihito.


The first presentation of the educational-social project ‘I’d Like to be Like Them’ took place at the end of March, in Panevezys principal school for the deaf and hard-of-hearing (headed by Ms. Danutė Kriščiūnienė). Under the sounds of Japanese drums, some secrets and the wisdom of Oriental martial art were revealed. Mr. Donatas Imbras, a world-acclaimed multiple Lithuanian and European karate kyokushin champion and the world karate kyokushin vice-champion, the president of the karate kyokushin club ‘Budora’ (Vilnius) and Mr. Arūnas Atraškevičius, senior instructor of the karate club ‘Tobulėjmo kelias’ (Panevezys), shared their experience and knowledge, as well as information about a different lifestyle, Oriental philosophy and art with the pupils.

Inspired by a breathtaking presentation of the Oriental martial art, pupils of the principal school for the deaf and hard-of-hearing Toma Bakaitė (9th form), Vytautas Paulauskas (10th form), Marius Sereckis (11th form), Tadas Bielskis (11th form), Andrius Bernatonis (11th form), Zelma Kolodenskytė (12th form), Daiva Vinkšnelytė (12th form), and Rasa Juškaitė (12th form), headed by the art teacher Mr. Povilas Šiaučiūnas, have created excellent artworks that were positively evaluated by artists. On the 20th-21st April they were exhibited in the Siemens Arena in Vilnius and viewed by participants, sponsors and visitors of the European Karate Kyokushin Championship.

The exhibition organised by Ms. Odeta Abromavičiūtė (the author and manager of the project ‘I’d Like to be Like Them’) was also attended by highly honourable guests from Japan: Mr. Kazuo Miyoshi (Vice-President of Japanese Karate Kyokushin Organisation), Mr. Kenji Midori (the President of the World Karate Kyokushin Organisation) and Mr. Isao Kobayashi (Vice-President of the World Karate Kyokushin Organisation).

Artworks of the youth with hearing disability already have new owners: Karate Kokushin World Champion Mr. Valeri Dimitrov (Bulgaria), European Vice-Champion Ms. Gergana Atanasova (Bulgaria) and the President of the World Karate Kyokushin Organisation Mr. Kenji Midori (Japan).

Embroidered cherry blossoms

These days, Mrs. Apolonija Abromavičienė, a lady of venerable age (born in 1940) originated from Panevezys, who now lives in Kaunas, allots more and more time to her hobbies and cultivates a new form of self-expression – embroidery of cherry blossoms and flowers.

Being active and creative citizens of Lithuania, we wished to enrich the visit of His Majesty Japanese Emperor Akihito to Lithuania and express our respect for nurturance of cultural cooperation between Japan and Lithuania.

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