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Create in Lithuania! We need you in the Summer Art Academy

NGO "Culture ArtFact"

Vilnius, 18th July 2007

’Create in Lithuania! We need you in the Summer Art Academy ‘Art Baltica – Panevėžys 2007-2013’

On the 20th July 2007, Public Institution Culture Artfact, which has extensive concert-organisation experience and is a ‘seeder’ of culture management seeds into the soil of Lithuanian cultural policy, will –start a new social and cultural tourism project Summer Art Academy ‘Art Baltica - Panevėžys 2007’ that will last till the 31st July 2007. Youth symphony orchestra establishes for the summer academy is patronized by Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy. Participants of the project include creative youth that has not emigrated abroad, pupils/students and graduates of music schools, people with eyesight and hearing disability, creators of tactile graphics, young artist looking for the ways of self expression, and Lithuanian pedagogues acclaimed nationally and worldwide. It is a great pleasure that, probably for the first time in Lithuania, we have invited a large team of professionals involved in educating professional performers, including kinesitherapist E.Tutkus, psychotherapist and art therapy expert N. G. Midttun, developers of stage image (J. Sargautytė, the head of the beauty emission ‘Alondž’; "Erdesa" cosmetics consultant and make-up artist; Assoc. Prof. A.Adomaitytė, actor mastery and stage movement expert), instructors of the yoga centre, and guests of honour of the project ‘I’d Like to Be Like Them’.

‘We are persistently striving for this project to be implemented together with our partners from Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, France and the Netherlands, yet due to one-sided competition and deeply rooted financial traditions and specific distribution of funds between budged-funded institutions and NGOs, this will only be possible having implemented the first projects with the help of friends, mates and the Holy Spirit only’, says author of the project O.Abromavičiūtė, patient and full of Samogitian persistence and optimism, originated from Panevėžys and currently residing in Vilnius.

Statistics is as follows: 150 thousand of Lithuanians will leave the country before 2008, yet intensity of the project and attractiveness of educational subjects should not contribute to the factors promoting emigration. We believe that, having gathered together, we will do the best we can for Lithuania and people who have not left the country. Sceptics did not believe that a press release distributed in March 2007 could bring such an excellent feedback. After several trials, Mr. Laurynas Vakaris Lopas, the choirmaster, the initiator of the symphony orchestra of the Summer Art Academy ‘Art Baltica’ and an excellent pedagogue and conductor, will finally have the possibility to realize his long-fostered hope of gathering future academic youth, making them ready for studies at Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy and creating conditions for acclaimed Lithuanian pedagogues to communicate with their future and existing students in informal environment in summer. L.V.Lopas, who has extensive pedagogical experience, will fill in a new gap in the national educational program. We are talking about the formation of skills of playing in a symphony orchestra and the search for new candidates able to study in the LATA. We have a great pleasure of introducing honourable pedagogues T.Adomavičius, R. Ugianskienė and Prof. J.Rimas to the youth.

Organizers of the project are glad that the project has caught interest of Panevėžys community, regional pedagogues, Lithuanian youth and Lithuanians who have spread all over the world (they intend to take part in the next year’s program). ‘Intuition has not disappointed me, and over 13-year long experience of singing in the professional choir of Vilnius City Municipality ‘Jauna Muzika’ will be particularly necessary today, when educating professional performers of the young generation and enshrining respect to Lithuanian pedagogues’, Odeta claimed.

Musical programs developed by participants of the project, works of tactile graphics, gypsum and paintings created by the youth with eyesight disability, puppets and bugs created using a very rate jewellery technique will be exhibited during ‘European Arts and Parks Festival’. Art directors of creative workshops are: art critic and doctoral student of VAA D.Raudonienė and lector of professional development centre and a member of the global puppeteer association UNIMA M.Dž.Ubartienė.

Major sponsors of the projects: Yanos International Foundation (the Netherlands), LKSKS ‘Nemunas’, UAB ‘Indis’. Sponsors: UAB ‘Staipa’, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Culture and Sports Support Foundation, Municipality of Vilnius City, e-trade in food additives, UAB ‘Nieko rimta’, and an abundant team of partners and information sponsors.

For more information contact:
Odeta Abromavičiūtė
Director of Culture Artfact
Mob. tel. 8 ~ 659 69 211; tel. (8 ~ 5) 234 80 95
El-mail: or


28th July 2007
Panevėžys, Senvagė, 12.00 - 16.00
’Pending the return of the triathlonist Vidmantas Urbonas’.
Creative workshop and surprises to lovers of sports and music.

29th July 2007
Anykščiai, town park by the Freedom monument, 13.00

30th July 2007
Vilnius, courtyard of Lithuanian music, theatre and cinema museum, 18.00
(P.S. If raining - the concert place at St. Kontryna's church)

31st July 2007
Monciškės (Palanga, Miško takas 4a, Klaipėda district),
Pupil summer camp of karate kyokushin ‘Raganė’, 13.30

Klaipėda, Concert Hall (Šiaulių str. 36), 18.00 val.

Conductor – Laurynas Vakaris Lopas

Program of the youth symphony orchestra of the Summer Art Academy ‘Art Baltica’ will include pieces composed by: J.Andreyev, J.Haydn, G.F. Malipier, H.Henkemans, P. Dikčius, and J. Brahms.

ATTENTION! Entrance is free, yet donations for implementation and administration of professional projects will be welcome.

For more information contact:
Odeta Abromavičiūtė
Director of Culture Artfact
Mob. tel. 8 ~ 659 69 211; tel. (8 ~ 5) 234 80 95
E-mail: or

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