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Mozart - like vitality at wellness club ACTIVE GYM


For the first time in Lithuania, a unique and breath-taking exhibition of works of the youth that creates in Lithuania took place at the end of September, in the wellness centre ‘Active Gym’ in Vilnius. At the opening of the exposition, Diana Raudonienė, a doctoral student of Vilnius Academy of Art, was telling about the process of creating professional tactile graphics. Visitors of the exhibition, who have expressed their willingness, were able to briefly plunge into the world of darkness, and could write down a thought whispered into one’s ear by a muse on tactile paper, the purchase of which was financed by the Culture and Sport Support Foundation and the Municipality of Vilnius city. View-widening surprise was still waiting in the karate kyokushin room, where instructor Artūras Bobelis (2 dan) and his pupils made a performance under the sounds of W. A. Mozart’s music to commemorate the second birthday of the creative organizers of the exhibition. The idea of the exhibition and its presentation was presented to members of the commission of the project ‘Art in Unconventional Places’ (organised by the Public Institution ‘Vilnius – Europos kultūros sostinė 2009’) by NGO Culture Artfact.

Floor I: tactile graphic arts of Jurgita Staniulytė, French horn player of the youth symphony orchestra formed in the framework of the summer art academy ‘Art Baltica 2007’; Diana Raudonienė, a doctoral student of Vilnius Academy of Art, and her pupils; the blind and people with eyesight disability Loreta Taluntytė, Mindaugas Suchovėjus and Robertas Antropikas.

Floor II: insects created in a particularly rare technique during the creative workshop ‘In anticipation of the return of the triathlonist Vidmantas Urbonas…’ organised by the European Art and Parks Festival 2007. The creative process was headed by Mija Džeinara Ubartienė, a member of the global puppeteer association UNIMA. This artist provided an opportunity for pupils of A. Bandza Baby and Children Home in Panevėžys and participants of the festival to spend a couple of hours outdoors, and realize their undertakings and ideas under the open sky. One insect was created specifically for the triathlonist Vidmantas Urbonas, originated from Panevėžys, who was then swimming across the Baltic Sea.

Floor III: Exhibitions of young artists, who participated in the international project ‘Moc‘Art 2006’. The works were developed in a shopping centre in Vilnius, when a window to spring-like harp, piano, flute music composed by W.A. Mozart and jazz improvisation on the theme was opened in an unconventional space, as the touch of florists turned ‘hanging’ cafés into a concert space for a short while. Participants of the project: pupils of the International American School in Vilnius (art teacher Anna Platonova), early musical education school ‘Strazdanelės’ (Director Sonata Kričenienė) and children fine art studio UMI (headed by Giedrius Bagdonas).
The project in Lithuania was patronized by the Embassy of the Republic of Austria in Vilnius, highly respectable ambassador Dr. Michael Schwarzinger and his wife Rosemaria; abroad – by the Board of the ‘European Association of Mozart Ways’ (Republic of Austria; Key sponsors: Yanos Foundation International (Netherlands), respectable Mr. Franklin Orasco (JAV), UAB Baltic Optical Disk.

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