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Glass panel for Panevėžys music school

19th April 2008, Vilnius


‘Every child is an artist, and when we provide them with the opportunity to create, when we communicate with them, we give them much more’, says Mark Eckstrand.

The acquaintance of the NGO “Culture Artfact” with American glass artist Mark Eckstrand took place after the first release of SEB Business Art and LTV show “Worth a Million” (look for 19 of March, 2008/ from 30:42 min.) where the idea of promotion of the glass art in Lithuania and revealing the possibilities of the glass art outdoors and in modern interior was presented. In the process of information collecting and for the purpose of helping the artist to realize his dream, we hit the road to Panevėžys. The new acquaintance with the glass artist supplemented the string of our ideas. After all, NGO “Culture Artfact” is involved in implementation of the social project of lasting and consistent creative improvement. The project brings together business people, artists, migrating and thirsty for emigration young artists, children and people creating the harmony of life in regions of Lithuania. This is a creative expression series ‘Create in Lithuania’. The artist Mark Eckstrand, who has settled and has a studio in Panevėžys, is one of those people. In August, he will invite guests of Panevėžys city and region to the opening of a new glass panel in Panevėžys music school. Preparatory work is being carried out these days, and we are looking for partners, who could contribute in different ways to esthetical and artistic education of children living in Panevėžys.


The basis of social projects of the American artist Mark Eckstrand is introducing the glass art, self-expression possibilities, water and land animals to the young wards of children home, as well as create conditions for entering the unknown world of the glass art, where their animal pictures become colourful and unique pieces of the glass art. Sincerity and creative freedom of children is very important for the creative process. Once the child, his/her dreams and technical proficiency of professional artists are united, impressive and original glass works are born.

The American artist has been implementing similar projects in different cities of the USA, as well as Riga’s National Zoo (Latvia, 2003), Moscow Zoo (Russia, 2004) and Kaunas Zoo (Lithuania, 2005) since 1987. In August 2008, Mark Eckstrand is planning take part in the summer art academy “Art Baltica 2008” and, together with the project’s tutor Gabrielė Paškevičiūtė and pupils of A. Bandza baby and children home (Panevėžys) and children foster home of Panevėžys district, as well as world-acclaimed grass artists from Russia, USA, Turkey, Latvia, Czech Republic (who will be coming to Panevėžys at their own expense), and also students of the glass speciality at Kaunas Faculty of Fine Art, will develop a joint work, which is to decorate the interior of Panevėžys music school. Glass plant ‘Spectrum glass’ located in Seattle (USA) has donated to the project some glass valued LTL 15,000, and the artist is going to invest some of his personal funds as well. Therefore everyone, who is willing and able to support implementation of the project in Panevėžys, is welcome to contact organisers of the project.


NGO “Culture Artfact” announces early registration of business organisations

This is a creative offer for companies that are looking for artistic self-expression, motivation of their employees to look for new forms of communication and learning, as well as those willing to make a pleasant surprise for their business partners by providing the opportunity to touch the glass and feel the joy of creative process with world-acclaimed glass artist Mark Eckstrand. Striving for quality and effectiveness, small groups are formed (max. 10 persons).

* Practical session and lectures will take place in Panevėžys (arrangements in other cities/towns is an option).
* American glass artist Mark Eckstrand, who has settled in Panevėžys, will be sharing his experience and subtleties of the glass art.

For more information go to:

* Expected time of seminars for business organisations: September-December 2008.
* Price per person: LTL 500 (+ VAT).
* Duration of the seminar: 8 hours (two-day seminar is an option).
* Participants and developers of their own piece of glass art will be issued certificates of the summer art academy Art Baltica;
* Upon your consent, your works will be exhibited and your organisation will be advertised by announcing it the Partner.
* By participating in our program ‘Create in Lithuania’, you will contribute to implementation of new creative ideas and social-educational projects in Lithuania.

You are welcome to apply:
by e-mail: or cell. phone +370 659 69 211.

Experience the joy of new flights: be creative, inflame with desire and make yourself and others smile!

Reminder: everyone employed may donate 2% of their income tax by filling in the application form for the year 2007 and presenting it to the State Tax Inspectorate before the 2nd May 2008.

We hope of meaningful and mutually beneficial cooperation!

For more information contact:
Ms. Odeta Abromavičiūtė, Director
NGO "Culture Artfact"
Cell. ph.: +370 659 69 211; ph.: +370 5 234 80 9
E-mail: /

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