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Presentation of Virginijus Kašinskas paitings exhibition the GOODESS OF THE EARTH



22 August, 2008


23rd August 2008, 15:00
Didžiokai Chapel (Giedraičiai village, Molėtai district)

Upon decision of the General Assembly of the United Nations, the year 2008 was announced the International Year of The Planet Earth. Public Institution CULTURE ARTFACT presents the oeuvre of the artist Virginijus Kašinskas, which is meaningful as we talk about the planet Earth basing ourselves on Lithuanian mythology resources. Didžiokai Chapel is the beloved place of creative inspiration for Virginijus Kašinskas, an artist and a member of the artists’ union. The sixth exhibition of his works will take place here within seven years. Tomorrow, on the 23rd August 2008, at 15:00, the artist will present the exposition ‘Žemės deivė’ (Goddess of The Earth), which was born during a painting plenery.

\'\' The exhibition demonstrates new paintings created on the topic of Lithuanian mythology: ‘This is a result of lasting information gathering, researches and going deep into the old spiritual depths of our nation’, V. Kašinskas was saying. According to the author, fundamental principles of our existence and life in this world are encoded in mythological symbols: these are spiritual structures of the nation, which lie deep in the consciousness of each of us.

The author is convinced that each person should try to comprehend the nation he/she was born in, its culture, take over the spiritual experience, ethnical traditions and customs of his/her ancestors and parents, cherish all of that and transfer to the coming generations. ‘Though we are going though that immediately, conscious going deep into those things opens marvellous spiritual strata that have been accumulated by the Lithuanian nation through ages, which are preserved in the nation’s myths, legends, fairy-tales, songs, dances, music and fine art’, the artist says.

Works of the unique painter V. Kašinskas were marvelled at by young talents from all over Lithuania, lectors and Mr. Bernhard Wöstheinrich, German composer of electronic music and artist, who were taking part in the second summer art academy ‘Art Baltica 2008’, which was taking place in Kuršėnai children foster home. In thirty years V. Kašinskas has organised 64 personal exhibitions of his paintings, drawings and photos in Lithuania and abroad. Some works of the painter have been acquired by Lithuanian museums and his fans and collectors from Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Germany, USA, France, Luxembourg and Denmark.

You are kindly welcome to see the exhibition!

Photo gallery: Opening ceremony on August 23, 2008
Photos by O.Abromaviciute

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