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A new CD by Roms

Information by NGO “Culture Artfact”.


Text author - Odeta Abromavičiūtė

\'\' NGO “Culture Artfact” and Roma from “Sare Roma” have been cooperating since 2005. “Culture Artfact” has consulted the band on art management issues. We have jointly organised some concerts and elaborated a vision. Finally, thanks to sponsors, the Department of National Minorities under the Government of Lithuania, information sponsors, our partners, and friends, sounds of their passionate music will contribute to the events of the project “Vilnius – Capital of European Culture 2009“ (Lithuanian abbreviation – VEKS). Artistic Director of the CD Mr. Ishtvan Kvik and the entire creative team rejoices at the professional growth of “Sare Roma” and the possibility to address the society in the language of art. The new CD named “Daugiau ugnies” / More Fire (the initial name “Žalios akys” / Green Eyes) contains 13 songs, so probably the magic of the number or maybe an outburst of Roman passion and free spirit will set sparks in the fireplaces of your homes in January 2009 already. One of the songs in the CD says: “More, more fire, Romella... more, more passion, terra..., let guitar and violin play, Roman song let iterate“.

About “Sare Roma”

„Creative path of the Rom band “Sare Roma” started before the war”, its Artistic Director Ishtvan Kvik starts his story on the desire to sing, create and act in Lithuania. “We have been trying to nurture the abilities to preserve our identity, enshrine our national and spiritual values since 1996“. Ishtvan Kvik started leading the band in 1996. In search for creative meaning and aspiring professional growth, he started cooperating with professional performers of classical music such as Judita Leitaitė. Artistic programmes and ideas developed with the singer rendered the Rom spirit enchanting with fire and the feeling of freedom in style. “Sare Roma” became a professional Rom band spreading ethnical music and culture, supplementing its programs with elements of modern dance. The oneness of the band has captured the hearts of its fans in many countries of the world. Abundant fans in Russia and Western Europe are always waiting for the band to perform. The artistic self-expression of the band is crowned with appreciation of professional experts at international Rom contests. In 2002, the band took the 2nd place at the International Rom Music Contest in Oslo (Norway).

Sincerity and youthful energy keeps on inducing the band to find its way to the heart of its listeners. The band also has ambitions to achieve commercial success, popularity, and find a niche in pop culture. Therefore, domestic and international audiences have many times heard of and has memorized the colourful Rom band singing “with flame”. “Sare Roma” pays much attention to fighting drug-addiction, works on educational projects and kindness campaigns. They are active participants and partners of social projects.

”Sare roma” consists of 11 young and creative persons, a part of whom has created Rom chamber band “Gipsy Moon”. Both bands are often invited to participate in different projects involving classical and pop music, as well as corporate and family evens.

Creative cooperation with NGO “Culture Artfact”

Cooperation between the NGO “Culture Artfact” and the Rom band “Sare Roma” started in 2005, when we were rendering consultation on art management issues, working on ordered concerts, and developing the vision and plans. Ms. Odeta Abromavičiūtė, the Director of this non-governmental organisation came up with the idea. In 2007, “Culture Artfact” started implementing the educational, social and artistic self-expression promoting project “Create in Lithuania”; a programme including the international summer art academy “Art Baltica 2007-2013”. This idea and the need of integrating Roma into the society were discussed with Ms. Elona Bajoriniene, the Director of VEKS, in February 2008. We were dreaming of seeing young Roma in the project, as they dance under the music of “Hungarian Dance” composed by J. Brahms. The youth symphony orchestra gathered within the framework of the summer art academy “Art Baltica 2008” (conductor – Mr. L.V.Lopas) would have played this music.. What a pity, however, that this time was no exception and, as often happens in Lithuania, our colleagues (in this case – Public Institution “Involved”) took the benefit of our best ideas when developing their projects. Thus, at the time being, the idea is “borrowed” by the project “Terno Vilna” (Young Vilnius), which is financed out of the VEKS funds. To sum up, we can boldly claim that our cooperation (formation and development of the vision on the issues of Rom integration strategy) has considerably contributed to bright prospects of the band. The Association of Roma has been established on the initiative of Mr. Ishtvan Kvik. We wish that projects of Rom integration are both useful for, the Roma, who colour the cultural map with passionate songs and dances, and interesting for the world.

We wish the art band “Sare Roma” to concentrate on the Rom authenticity and grow a new generation that will master playing nostalgic violin romances.

Compact Disc “Daugiau ugnies” (More Fire)

\'\' On the New Year’s Eve, thanks to the NGO “Culture Artfact” and the Department of National Minorities under the Government of Lithuania, with the help of our sponsors and partners, Rom band “Sare Roma” will join the chain of events to be organised under the project “Vilnius – Capital of European Culture 2009“. Mr. Ishtvan Kvik, Artistic Director of the CD, and the entire creative group rejoice at professional growth of “Sare Roma” and strong integration of Roms into the society through the language of art.

The new CD “Daugiau ugnies” / More Fire (the initial name “Žalios akys” / Green Eyes) will be available for purchase in January 2099 already. “Daugiau ugnies” / More Fire is the result of consistent work of the creative team.

\'\' Rom folk songs included into the CD were subjected to music arrangements, music was composed for the texts of Rom authors (author – musician Aras Žvirblys, a specialist of Kaunas Sound Studio). Lyrics by Ishtvan Kvik, Zemfira Kuzmina, Oleg Zotov, R. Lukoševičiūtė, Jurga Čekatauskaitė. Instrumental team: Eduardas Armonas and Andrius Murencevas – guitar, Aras Žvirblys – bass guitar, keyboard, percussion, programming; Nikolaj Moroziuk – keyboard and accordion; Liutauras Milišauskas and Slavek Forman – violin, Miguel Gimenez – percussion; Ramūnas Grybauskas – bass guitar. Your festive spirits together with friends and the fold will be relieved and resonant timbres of Rom voices will be revealed by the singers: E. Michaj, R. Kvik, I. Kvik, Z. Kuzmina, S. Koldaras, L. Kasparevičius. The CD contains 13 songs, thus the magical meaning of the number and sincere outburst of the inner creative freedom of Roms will ignite a fire in the heart of you and your family.

Published by UAB "Prior music"
Producer - Ishtvan Kvik
Available in shopping centres and fuel stations since the end of January 2009.
More information on presentation of the CD will follow.

Happy New Year!

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