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Impressions by conductor Marcel Verhoeff



by Inga Baga,

20-05-2005 / Vilnius / Lithuania

Dear maestro Marcel Verhoeff,

Thank you very much for your splendid work in our land!
Lithuanian people were impressed by your energy and devotion to the music.

What do you think about that project, was it important for the choir and you personally?
Yes, it was important. Not only for the choir or myself, but much more for the combination of different cultures. You know, Music is an International Language and through Music, cultures can communicate with each other. It’s good to see how the choirs, soloists and the Orchestra worked together. You feel that they all have one goal: To make music with Love. The most important thing, in this case, is to show to the audience that these more than 200 musicians create Music for them. If, all these musicians have the same goal, the audiences feel an enormous Energy and devotion for the Music. I’m happy that you wrote in jour first line about the impression of my energy and devotion to the Music. Let me tell you that this is not a work from my side alone. If the musicians understand my feelings we ALL together create this atmosphere during the rehearsals and… the public participate always as well during the concert. I always feel on my shoulders the reaction of the public. This makes the whole concert hall to one Energy and inner Power.

How could you characterize Lithuanian musicians in your project?
Well, let me in first instance talk about the States Symphonic Orchestra. This is really a wonderful orchestra. Very professional and also very flexible. The very nice sound of the Strings and woodwinds in Mozart combined with the good sound of the Brass instruments and Percussion. The contact with all members of the orchestra was very good. This is an orchestra with a very positive Energy. I loved to work with them because of there high level, although we had too short time for this production. The vocal soloists: As you know I invited the Polish Bass for the Polni Mse because I did it before with him in Holland. All Lithuanian soloists where ok, but especially I must mention the Soprano. She was very good and I expect she will have a very good future. The Choir of Vilnius was ok, more less the same level ass the Royal Male Choir of Breda. The both choirs worked very hard and intensive and it is a hard job for them to perform this kind of Music in such a short time.

Could you compare, even a bit, musical life in Holland and Lithuania?
Music is a global language. It does not matter that I speak Dutch and other people speak Lithuanian. When singing, we speak the same language. Therefore, there are no differences between Lithuania and The Netherlands. Some traditions may be different. For instance, take you Song festivals. For the rest, I am convinced that we have more in common than we sometimes think. I always try to look at what unites us and not what divides us.

Do you think about any other projects with Lithuanian artists?
Yes, there are already nice contacts and I don’t want to say you now the plans for my future in Lithuania but I’m sure we will meet again.

Could you please resume the work activities of project organizations and management?
Yes, with pleasure. First of all there is a Lady in Vilnius who works very hard - Ms. Odeta. She is really a woman who works so hard because she loves this kind of work and together with the Dutchman Adriaan Korver, together they did a very great job. Odeta has a very good future, because she works with all power on the projects and I’m sure that Vilnius can be very glad to have such organizer in there City.

Your regards to Lithuanian musicians and audience?
Lithuania has very talented musicians. Not only talented but also with a very strong musical hart. The quality of the musicians is of a very high level. I wish them all a very good future in which ART will be the real hart for there Life. Music is the ‘diner’ for live; Musicians can create this diner. Let the public have together with you a nice diner in which the taste of real Music will be served on the musical table. For the Audience I like to say: thanks for your reaction. Thanks for your Love in Music.

You resume or other things I didn’t asked you?
My dear Inga, of course there are much more things to discuss but then I need hours and hours, so let it be enough for now. I wish you all the best and sending you my warmest regards,

Maestro Marcel Verhoeff
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