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Continuity: The Queen Symphony, a joint project with LSSO, etc.

After successful implementation of the project ‘The Seasons’, at the end of September 2005 we welcomed in Lithuania Mr. Adriaan J.H. Korver, the Program Director for Yanos International (the Netherlands). Together with Ms. Odeta Abromaviičūtė, the General Manager of the State Enterprise Culture Artfact, he visited Kaunas, where he had a meeting with Mr. Justinas Krėpšta, the Director of ‘The Pažaislis Festival’, Mr. Petras Bingelis, the conductor of the State Kaunas Choir, and Mr. Algis Treikauskas, the Director of Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra. 

Mr. Korver also had another meeting in Vilnius, where he met Mr. Jurgis Banevičius, the Director of Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra (LSSO). The idea of the project ‘The Queen Symphony’, including its records, was presented at the both meetings, and the colleagues have discussed new cooperation opportunities in the process of doing creative work and presenting it to Lithuanian public. This is a professional offer of highly respected Dutch conductor Marcel Verhoeff, which is aimed at closer cooperation between the two countries, Lithuania and the Netherlands, and cultural dialogue in the future.

We are glad that this project has been already presented to Lithuanian public under the conduction of the highly respectable maestro Gintaras Rinkevičius, and we believe that the cooperation with the official presenters of the project idea (Creative offer of Culture Aftfact of 28.09.2005-.03.10.2005, Vilnius) will be beneficial to LSSO and mutually useful and meaningful for the development of Lithuanian-Dutch cultural dialogue.

Concerts in Lithuania: THE QUEEN SYMPHONY
Symphony for an orchestra, choir and soloists
Based on the songs of Freddie Mercury and the band ‘Queen’
Arrangement by Tolga Kashif
Orchestration by Julian Kershaw

KAUNAS STATE CHOIR (Art Director Petras Bingelis)
ĄŽUOLIUKAS CHOIR (Manager Vytautas Miškinis)


The time difference between the pieces to be performed is three hundred years, yet both of them are musical classics. The mass ‘Magnificat’ by J.S. Bach will shake your heart as much as the symphony ‘The Queen Symphony’ recently created by the conductor, composer and arranger Tolga Kashif on the basis of songs by the popular band ‘Queen’. Premiere of the symphony took place in 2002, in the Royal Festival Hall in London, with the participation of the guitarist of the legendary band and composer Brian May, percussionist and vocalist Roger Taylor and Jer Bulsara, the mother of Freddie Mercury. CD with the symphony record soon became one of the most popular in Europe. ‘The Queen Symphony’ is performed all over the world in commemoration of the 60-year birth anniversary of the band’s vocalist Freddie Mercury.

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