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Seasons 2005: Winter

New Year comes to Europos parkas on December 31, 2004.12.31

\'\' First time the idea of Open Air and Classical music project in the nature SEASONS (European Art and park festival) 2005-2009 was presented in Europos parkas (Vilnius district).

\'\'  The authors of the project are Odeta Abromavičiūtė and Mindaugas Piečaitis. 
Participants of New Year concert program: conductor Mindaugas Piečaitis, Justas Dvarionas, young unique talented family sisters Joana, Vita Maria, Elena ir Kotryna Daunytės.

Our project SEASONS - is first step on a way to big International culture project „European arts and parks festival".

Photo gallery: 2004.12.31, Europos parkas
Photos by Odeta Abromavičiūtė

\'\' \'\' Later the project idea was presented in the In the 39th international music fair MIDEM 2005, which has taken place in Cannes (France) on January 23-27, in the joint stand of the Baltic countries Lithuania has for the first time presented its music industry. For the first time a large number of the Lithuanian enterprises and organizations have presented themselves in the official Lithuanian stand: largest producer of CD, DVD and MC in the Baltic countries - company Baltic Optical Disc (BOD), music production and distribution companies Bomba, Kuku Records, Melodija, Muzikine partija, Prior Records, Semplice and Zet Records, record studio MA, festivals Kaunas Jazz and Europos Parkas Festival, as well National Philharmonic Society of Lithuania, Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theater (LNOBT) , Lithuanian television, Music Information and Publishing Centre and Lithuanian Copyright Protection Association Agency LATGA-A. The Minister of Culture Vladimiras Prudnikovas and State Secretary Juozas Sirvinskas, Head of the Music Information and Publishing Centre Daiva Parulskiene and other high representatives of culture and music industry have visited MIDEM 2005.

Photo galery: January 23-27, 2005. Cannes (France)

\'\' Later the idea of the project was presented in the Japan, where take a place the EXPO AICHI 2005 fair in city Nagoya in on July, 2005. Organizator - The Ministry of Environment of Lithuania. More about the fair EXPO 2005 in official website. Creative project team kindly thanks to such a professional team for wellwishing, help, wise attitude on production of new nice looking broshure. More about festival ...

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