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Moc'Art 2006/2007

The purpose of the entire art is the catharsis communicated from soul to soul…“
Mūza Rubackytė (piano player, France-Lithuania)

\'\' ”Mūza Rubackytė, Lithuanian music ambassador in Europe and the world, compared the composers W. A. Mozart and F. Chopin with “meteorites that soon burned and didn’t have time to live worthily while being alive, yet live in the rays of the glory of their music. However, their music has been strengthening and sublimating people for many years. We draw our inspiration from the mine of their works, and cannot reach the bottom. I have been playing the same pieces for many years, and every time I find something new for myself. It wouldn’t be interesting, if I couldn’t.” Source © XXI amžius

\'\' ”Let’s not be afraid of Mozart! It’s easy to treat him as a demigod and to be afraid of injecting something more into his music or going over the top. But he was a human, like everyone of us.”
Ian Fountain (pianist, Great Britain)

Source © Association of Lithuanian Musicians, Lina Navickaitė


PATRONS of the project - Board of Directors of the European Mozart Ways Association (Austria) & introduces:

MOC‘ART 2006
is a project that will last all year long, till the 27th January 2007. It includes concerts of classical and chamber music, visual arts, social-cultural, sports events and educational events for children. “Moc‘Art Ledas” (Moc’Art Ice), “Moc‘Art H2O” (Moc’Art H2O), “Moc‘Art Stilius” (Moc’Art Style), “Moc‘Art Šokiai” (Moc’Art Dances) and other events will be introduced within the framework the project. Unconventional concert spaces will bring new sensations and open new possibilities for self-expression. Music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his coevals will be performed under the project. The events will be dedicated to the 250th birth anniversary of the composer.

The project is under patronage in Lithuania - the Embassy of the Republic of Austria in Vilnius and Honourable Ambassador Dr. Michael Schwarzinger and his wife Mrs. Rosemaria.


Everybody, who is willing to support Moc'Art 2006 project, is welcome to contact us and suggest possible ways of cooperation and ideal partnership.
  Moc'Art 2006 – Rendezvous in Europe
Information by NGO "Culture Artfact" 03.03.2006 Vilnius
  Moc'Art 2006 – I take Music for Dessert
Classical music program are on sale :) Series of classical and chamber musicduring your lunch time. You are welcome to have an unconventional lunch with the chamber music project “I take Music for Dessert”.
  Moc'Art 2006 - H20 (In Uzupis on 6th of July, 2006)
On July 6th, to the celebration of Mindaugas Coronation Day, Mozart came to Uzupis, the Meca of Artists (new info coming soon)

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