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  Martin A. Dege

Culture Economy

\'\' Everybody, who is willing to support cultural-social programs, is welcome to contact us and suggest possible ways of cooperation. Personal Income Tax Law of the Republic of Lithuanian provides you with an opportunity to make a benevolent contribution for the support of noble goals and implementation of new projects in Lithuania. The Law sets forth that every citizen may support any organization that is entitled to get support by contributing a certain part (2%) of the income tax you have paid in 2005. For information to those willing to become project members and sponsors please go to SUPPORT. Recommend the website to your friends, close ones, philanthropist or noble-hearted manager of a company. THANK YOU for being here!

Non-profit enterprise aiming at satisfying public interests through execution of the work beneficial for the public, looking for the ways of self-expression, solving relevant social, educational, sports-related and cultural problems in the language of art and enshrining true values in newly developed art projects.

The enterprise is committed to children, seniors and everybody who is willing to experience new sensations in the most unconventional places, and in the relation of a human being with the nature, creative work and art.

Implementation of social, sports-related and cultural projects in Europe, cultural tourism, festival, management of artists and performers, premiere works and performances for children, international cultural exchange, and organization of classical and modern music concerts.

Charity, education, social events, purposeful trainings, cultural actions, entertainment programs in Lithuanian cities/town and peripheries, and patronage of classical music talents and laureates of international contest.

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