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Cultural Tourism

On May 13-20, 2005, in cooperation with our Dutch partner Yanos International, we were probably the first to organize cultural tourism project The Seasons 2005 in the full-of-impressions nature. To find out more about the project, please click here. Successfully implemented project gained creative acceleration in the development of the vision of European Art & Park Festival, which should be started in autumn 2006 thanks to generous sponsors and benevolence and perception of the leadership of Lithuania. Participation of foreign performers in the project, the festival or concerts is particularly important for the promotion of the name of Lithuania abroad, introducing identities of LT culture and national legacy. We can rejoice over the fact that presentation of the vision of the project to the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania in February 2005 brought success and recognition in Brussels, when announcing Vilnius the European Capital of Culture 2009, and the contest announced by Fondation Marcel Hicter provided Ms. Odete Abromavičiūtė, initiator and author of the project, with an opportunity to study and get a European diploma in the field of European Culture Project Management.

Feedback of cultural tourism – positive reviews of foreign visitors and tourists inducing their close friends and family to visit Lithuania and attracting foreign investments to Lithuania. European Arts & Parks Festival will disgorge into and replenish newly developed projects organized by the Department of Protection of Cultural Values under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania in cooperation with the Institute of European Cultural Ways (Luxembourg).

Our Cultural Tourism travel partners are:
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