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Siaurukas - Narrow Gauge Railway

Birthday, wedding anniversary or some other family celebration may be commemorated in an original way: just order a train and invite your guests to picnic in the Kuzmiškis woods, go to the Žažumbrys Oak or visit the legendary Troškūnai Monastery.

Booked Sightseeing Tours

“Romantic Train” to Troškūnai Monastery, built in the 18th century by the Bernardine monks, fascinates by its special atmosphere and a painting collection. From the very beginning of this tour the narrow-gauge train passengers are accompanied by romantic music. The travellers are invited to a wine tasting upon arrival at the Monastery.

Popular winter outings by train in the woods guarantee a good dose of fresh air, funny entertainment and unique impressions. This is a real recreation for those who are tired of spending time at home. When passengers arrive in the place of destination, they are met by a band of folk musicians, a fire is started and everyone is treated with some delicious meal.

The narrow-gauge train passengers coming for a summer picnic can feel like shifted to some earlier century by a time machine. All of a sudden, a train is attacked by a gang of robbers led by Tadas Blinda, the legendary Lithuanian leveller. Probably at first this gives the travellers some fair, but later everybody gets involved into this acting and is having an extremely good time with the robbers.

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