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  Martin A. Dege

Artist Management

\'\' As rebirth of art and culture in the society is getting more active, we inevitably face the major and everyday problem – lack of culture managers committed to the work. We don’t even have an association of culture managers that would represent interests of performers/managers in their fight with negative manifestations in our society or would defend the rights of performers.

Each self-respecting collective, soloist or professional performer abroad has a loyal person or a legal institution that protects the performer against bureaucratic and administrative troubles that usually “burn” precious time of an artist, which he or she could otherwise spend on developing his/her creative work, the quality of sound, musicianship or technique.

More’s the pity, due to the behaviour of event organizers or customers that has established as normal, all performers inevitably face insolvency issues. Therefore we suppose that self-respecting art institutions, organisations, collectives and performers should entrust such work to professional managers, whose work should be paid as any other work in business structures.

Our society is consumer society, and art is often not valued as a cultural product if it’s not packed up and gold-plated. To sell art is the same as to ask a person if he/she believes in the existence of the Lord, therefore the work of art and culture managers is to “pack up” an emotion, feeling, smile, happiness, benevolence and precious moments allotted to the public as much purposively and professionally as possible. Those, who notice beauty and see with their hearts, don’t have to be convinced of the necessity of sophistication and education for every citizen of Lithuania.

Public Institution Culture Artfact serves people and the mecca of art. We’d like to help you let art and music into your life, dedicate at least an hour a day to beauty, knowledge-hunger, cognition, the feeling of discovery, and say at least once a day: “How beautiful!” You can copy these thoughts. Go ahead! :)

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