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Bernhard Wöstheinrich (DE)

Bernhard Wöstheinrich (*1968)

\'\' German electronic musician, playing synthesizers and electronic percussion. He is one of the two core members of Centrozoon and leads his own solo project "The Redundant Rocker". He has also worked with Ian Boddy, Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, No-Man singer Tim Bowness, Thorsten Niestrath, and Synapscape's Philipp Münch. 
* The Redundant Rocker homepage 
* Centrozoon homepage
* TV presentation

The Style

Bernhard Woestheinrich assembles chilled-out soundscapes of electronic pulses. The music acts as a travel guide through your senses and sensuousness. Bernhard is using a special set-up, which allows to perform extensive live improvisations. The system interacts completely with the musician; every musical phrase can be recorded and played back in real time. The result is a evolving soundscape, which moves seamless from one tune to another.

Curiculm Vitae

Since 1984 till 1987 - apprenticeship with degree as a joiner;
In 1988 high school with degree of a diploma;
Since 1988 till 1990 civilian national service;
Since 1990 till 1995 - studies of “visual communications“ (graphic design), completed as graphic designer.
Since 1988 - working on informal electronic music and paintings

Exemplary listing of exhibitions, entrances, movie- and video productions:

June 1992 - The first entrance in a famous jazz club of the city of Bielefeld with the Band “Subsonic Experience”.
In the following time further entrances as a support for the band “Embryo” and on several festivals.

From 1992 till July/ August 1995 - Exhibition organized by the “Kultursekreteriates NRW“ with Paintings and visual arts with the subject“ The smile of Prometheus”.
From 1992 till February/ March 1995 - Exibition “Motherland – associative paintings” in the art club Gütersloh and etc.

January 2000
Debut-Release of the CD “Blast” of the Band CENTROZOON, (Label: DiN, Great Britain). Until today participation on about 18 further CD-releases.

June 2000
Company foundation of an advertising - and marketing agency.

July 2000
Participation in a documentary film about the band CENTROZOON in the German television which won the award “Deutscher Kamerapreis 2001”.

From 2000 - participant of several multimedia performances and entrances, amongst others:
* January 2004: Virtual Arts Day (Helsinki, Finland)
* September 2004: Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria)
* September 2004: KLAK Klangmuseum (Kassel, Germany)
* December 2004: Expanded Cinema Festival (Freiburg, Germany)
* November 2004: Live-set on air in the radio programme STAR'S END (Philadelphia, USA)

And further more:
Several performances as a part of a audio-visual collaboration together with the experimental art-house movie maker Telemach Wiesinger (Freiburg, Germany) and etc.

* CENTROZOON: European Loop Project (Kompilation, 1999)
* CENTROZOON: Blast (DiN, 2000)
* CENTROZOON: The Divine Beast (2001)
* CENTROZOON: Sun Lounge Debris (Burning Shed, 2001)
* CENTROZOON: The Cult of: Bibbiboo (Burning Shed, 2002)
* CENTROZOON: Centrophil (Vinyl, 2001)
* CENTROZOON: The Scent of Crash and Burn (Burning Shed, 2003)
* CENTROZOON: Never trust the way you are (Resonancer, 2004) 
* CENTROZOON: Angel Liquor (Divine Fequency, 2006)
* CENTROZOON: Never trust the things they do (Vinyl, Tonefloat, 2006)
* Subsonic Experience: Präposition (DiN, 2003)
* Show of Exaggeration (The Rectrix, 2003)
* Moiré (with Ian Boddy, 2005)
* Collider (Unsung Records, 2006)
* Live in Düsseldorf (Burning Shed, 2006)
* Conundrum (with Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, DiN, 2007)
* Live in Düsseldorf (extended moment 2007)
* Live in Dortmund (extended moment 2007)

Further more as composer on the release “My Hotel Year“ of the Tim Bowness" (One Little Indian, 2004) and with contributions on the compilations "INDEX01 and INDEX02".



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