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PARVATI (Canada)

PARVATI’S Biography

\'\' Parvati is a Canadian singer, songwriter, performer and producer who has commanded the attention of Natasha Bedingfield's and Annie Lennox's music director and George Michael's and the Pet Shop Boys’ producer. Without any marketing efforts, Parvati was invited by Lauryn Hill's management to perform at Madison Square Gardens. Her debut CD “Yoga In The Nightlcub” of original, catchy electronic dance-pop will be officially released in the spring of 2008. The innovative live show bridges hip-hop, modern and break dancing with video and electronic pop-music.

In November 2007, Canada’s BPM TV filmed a half hour artist spotlight on her. At that time, CBC Radio One did a thirteen-minute interview of Parvati exploring her self-produced album and genre-bending multimedia show.

Prior to an official release, Parvati has already gained notable attention. Bibi McGill, Beyonce’s guitarist loves “Yoga In The Nightclub” and added the song to her myspace profile generating a massive ground swell leading to requests for ringtones and digital purchasing. In the fall of 2007, an American website that ties in the California yoga community with corporate responsibility heard about “Yoga In The Nightclub” through the internet buzz and invited Parvati to perform at the conference. The track “Yoga In The Nightclub” was licensed to be used as the title track on line for their website and to launch the conference. Thesong has also been licensed to 19 European television stations. In addition to this, DJs from around the globe are requesting to do remixes.

Parvati will be touring her album and multimedia show throughout Europe summer 2008 and into 2009. The multimedia show and album is being marketed to dance clubs and to pop radio, with subsequent releases in French, German and Spanish. Parvati showcased the multimedia show in London Nov 24th and 25th and is currently performing in musical venues, festivals, dance clubs and yoga studios.

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