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  Martin A. Dege

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Ensemble “FEVERISH”

French Horn Artist/ Composer

\'\' He was born in Izmir. He took his first lessons from A.Faruk KAKINÇ. In 1990, he entered 9 Eylül University State Conservatory and studied horn with Associate Professor Ferhat GÜNERİ. Between 1994-98 he worked on “Russian School” with Ertuğrul KARAMENDERES. In 1997 he worked with Prof.Charles LECOMTE in France where he went to give series of performances. He later worked with Prof.Gregory CASS at the Geneva Conservatory in 2000. Between 1995-2001 he played as the guest player with Izmir, Bursa and Çukurova Symphony Orchestras. In 2002 he realized an unprecedented idea in Izmir; he formed a “World Songs Group”. In 2004 he established “Ensemble Feverish Music Group” which aims to increase musical conciousness in the community by giving concerts with a repertoire which includes a wide range of compositions from the area of national and international music. More about

Yümlü was invited to “Dornbirn Horntage 2006” event held between 30 June-2 July 2006. In 2007 for the first time in Turkey he organized a series of seminars titled “Getting Familiar With musical Instrument” in coordination with Ege University. He was invited to do these seminars at the various other universities and educational institutions. He currently continues teaching music his students at the “Ensemble Feverish Music School” as its Founder/Director and organizing Master Classes in which prominent international musicians join.

Yümlü who is the representative of many national and international musicians and music groups, has also a book titled “Anatolian Melodies for Four Horns” and printed in Germany. More about

Tuğrul GÖĞÜŞ

\'\' Born in 1956 in Ankara. He started violin education with Ermukan SAYDAM when he were very young. After that he educate G.E.E Music Education Part and continue education here with SAYDAM.

In 1976 he is the member of İzmir Goverment Symphony Orchestra. Long years Tuğrul Göğüş made duty about management in İzmir Philharmony Society he build İzmir Philharmony Bulletin which release first in 1982.

He made big contribution İzmir's music life. He lead amateur choral and orchestra also he made operator about symposium and planed panel. Göğüş, give lessons D.E.Ü College of Education in buca violin, orchestra, history of music, basic music knowledge and form knowledge. Also he set up student orchestra and give concert all about İzmir and Aegean part.

After that he started live in Adana and pass Çukurova Symphony Orchestra. He made master about violin with Prof. Dr. Ferhang HÜSEYİNOV in Çukurova Üniversity. His thesis about solo violin which name is ''24 Kaprislik Keman Çalışmalığı''. Göğüş; he worked in Ç.D.S.O. His duties were leader vıolonist and manager in there. Performer is still educate violin, room music, basic music knowledge and form knowledge lesson. Göğüş is the leader and constituent of Çukurova Music Friends Association which working about polyphonic national and international music. Performer still gives product about music science, do translation about it and effort for music subject. He writes a lot of article and translation for magazine. Göğüş, is the member of ''Ensemble Feverish''.

Classical Guitar

\'\' He was born in Kocaeli. He started to study guitar with İbrahim KAYAALP. In 2002, he entered D.E.Ü. Buca Faculty of Education, Music Education A.B.D.and he was Mehmet GÜRGÜN’s student. He participated in the master classes of Bekir KÜÇÜKAY, Jose CARDOSO and Ricardo MOYANO. He took part in various concerts held at the school. In 2005, he formed “Feverish Guitars Ensemble” with Doğay SARIHAN and this duo has given quite a few concerts.

Kayalı, in his concerts, plays especially Italian and Spanish composer’s compositions as well as his own compositions inspired by the Anatolian tunes. In his performances, he plays a hand-made antique guitar. At present, he continues to work as one of the teaching members of the Ensemble Feverish Music School. 

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