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Pedagogue, folk artists (Kuršėnai, Šiauliai district)

\'\' Audronė Vaitekūnienė – pedagogue, a person of culture, and folk artist. She was born on the 30th January 1958, in Kužiai village (Šiauliai district). Studied in Kužiai eight-year school, in 1976 graduated from the 12th secondary school in Šiauliai and Šiauliai music school (kanklės specialization). In 1980, she completed studies at Klaipėda faculties of the State Conservatory of Lithuanian SSR. Having gained the qualification of a pedagogue of kanklės speciality and folk instrument ensembles and orchestras, up till 1982 she was working as the head of ensemble in inter-district culture house of Klaipėda Plant of the Blind. In spring of the same year, A. Vaitekūnienė and her family moved back to her birthplace. For four years she was holding the position of Director in the Verbūnai culture house in Šiauliai district.

In 1986, she started pedagogical work in Kuršėnai music school. For eight years she was teaching pupils of Kuršėnai children foster home to play kanklės, and was heading a kanklės ensemble.

In 1997, she was appointed to the position of Deputy Director for Education Affairs of Kuršėnai music school. In 1991, she was awarded the qualification of a teacher-methodologist, in 2002 – 1st managerial category. In 2003, Audronė was elected to the position of the President of the ‘Kraitė’ club that is established in the school. Since 1998, she is a member of Lithuanian folk instrument music society ‘Kanklės’.

\'\' In her free time, she likes making verba (a colourful combination of dried flowers and herbs on a stick). In 1988, she presented her verbas to the Folk Art Section of Lithuanian Association of Folk Artists for the first time, as she organised the first personal exhibition of her verbas in December 1988. Since 1990, A. Vaitekūnienė is a member of Lithuanian Association of Folk Artists, and the only ‘Queen of Verba’ in Šiauliai district. For 15 years already she has been taking part in district-wide and national exhibitions of articles of folk art. Some of her works have reached Sweden, USA, Canada, Germany, France, and Latvia.

Flowers and music are two wings of Audronė’s creative work. Audronė is also the owner of an exemplary arranged homestead. Her works are used to decorate schools, events, and delight members of various delegations. A film has been made about the author of the verbos by Šiauliai television. A methodological work “The art of verba-making’ has been written by a student of Šiauliai University, and a lot of articles on this topic have been published in district and national press. Activities of Audronė have been recorded in three books.
Audronė Vaitekūnienė has two daughters, Laura and Dainora.

In 2007, Audronė Vaitekūnienė was awarded the Teacher of the Year title at Kuršėnai art school. As Deputy Director of the art school, A. Vaitekūnienė has organized a number of concerts, and kanklės-players taught by her have taken part in various events.

The present text was developed on the basis of the information provided in the book ‘Kuršėnai Encyclopaedia’ (Vilnius, 2005). P. 274-276

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