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Association of Vilnius Independent Art Galleries


The Association of Vilnius Independent Art Galleries (further - VNMGA), founded in Spring 2006, presents already the fourth joint event. Today, the organisation unites seven private art galleries. The majority of them are located in the capital city. These are Stasys Juškus Gallery, Savickas Painting Gallery, TaDas Gallery, Washington Square Gallery and Menų kiemas Gallery. Public Institution Bikuškio dvaras (Bikuškis Estate) and Stone Sculpture Park Vilnoja, owned by Vidmantas Martikonis, also hold the membership in the VNMGA.

Mission of the VNMGA
The Association of Vilnius Independent Art Galleries is open for all independent galleries promoting professional art in Vilnius City and also welcomes honorary members for their merits to Vilnius culture.

Among the major objectives of VNMGA, there are the adequate groundwork for the events of the Programme VILNIUS - EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE 2009, cultural projects, the involvement in the formulation of high culture, the development of professional relations among galleries and artists, and the promotion of information dissemination among the Association members.

VNMGA intends to organise seminars and conferences, and to provide Lithuanian mass media with analytical articles on art issues. The Association is going to organise joint exhibitions, initiate a variety of art projects and creative plenaries as well as provide recommendations to the decision-makers of cultural policy. In future, the VNMGA plans to join international organisations, associations and other structures related to professional arts.

Projects Implemented by the VNMGA
The Association is actively engaged in the development of cultural activities. Mobile exhibitions have been already held in Palanga, Nida and Vilnius within six months. Thirty-five art works representing the collections from each gallery were displayed in the said exhibitions. These were modern art works including painting, graphics, sculpture and ceramics. The first gathering Lunch on the Grass of the representatives of the galleries from all round Lithuania was held in Bikuškis Estate this summer. The discussed themes covered professional art management, the relations between artists and galleries, and the prospects of international relations and market. A plenary session of professional artists was arranged in Bikuškis Estate during the event.

Small private galleries of fine arts and cosy chamber atmosphere prevailing in them constitute a particular valuable in the context of hectic life today. This is an overwhelming power that irresistibly attracts the professionals, fine art lovers and foreign guests.
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