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Puppeteer Mrs. Mija-Džeinara UBARTIENĖ


European Arts and Parks Festival 2007

European Arts and Parks Festival 2007

European Arts and Parks Festival 2007
European Arts and Parks Festival 2007

Name: Mija-Džeinara Ubartienė
Date of birth: 5 December 1975
Address: Balsių sodų 2-oji g-vė Nr.49 Vilnius, 2000, Lithuania
Nationality: Lithuanian
Sex: Female
Contacts: (+370) 8 609 53147
Status: Married
Languages: Lithuanian, Russian, English, French (a bit), Archaic Slavic, Latin

Mija-Džeinara Ubartienė – the puppeteer, a member of Lithuanian UNIMA, LAATGA author. Originated from famous old Prussian family Kantautai, she was born in 1975 in Samogitia – archaic region of Lithuania and till 12 y.o. lived in Georgia. In 1996 she moved to Vilnius, where she lives up to this day.

Mija has marionettes dance theater “Esu” and educational workshops center for deaf youth “Varinė drėvė“. She is famous as creative, open-minded, strong, potential and every time developing artist.


iconography painter – The Trinity – St.Sergius Lavra (Moscow).
In 1996-1997 she was taking dramaturgy lessons at Lithuanian Music Academy.
in 2003 – Plastic improvisation and Suzuki method by Vesta Grabstaite (Modern dance Classes at the Music Academy). Mija is the author of many sculptures (bronze casting) in the Europa’s Park, Vilnius Churches, and city landscapes. Her experience is wide and original: working in Kaunas T.Ivanauskas Zoo Museum as a sculptor-toxidermist, sculptor in Vilnius Orthopedic Centre, author of 3 books – plays for children, teacher of sculpture and puppetry in LASUC (Lithuanian Blind People Educational Centre) and AISV (American International School). To gain better knowledge of movement, she completed a 1-year course at Vilnius University, Department of Anthropology – anatomy and movement mechanics by prof. Česnys (2002).
Since 2002, she has been teaching deaf young people puppetry and play-writing. Mija was sent to Salto Disable 2003 Slovakia qualification courses under the EU program as one of the best Lithuanian volunteers.
In 2003 – World Deaf Theater festival in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Mija works as an individual artist and in collective projects with various artists: every-year, she participates in international folk art festival “Skamba skamba kankliai”, festivals of the deaf, pantomime, puppet theaters, animation studios, leader of educational program: plastic reconstruction of a face”, Vilnius Teacher Center city carnivals (puppet-making).
In 2004, on her own initiative, she took a private course in theatrical make-up and wig-making and jewelry classes. Critics think it helps her create fragile, beautiful puppets. Mija is working on the book “Puppet laugh, puppet cry” about puppeteers’ experience in Lithuania (masters like the founder of Kaunas Puppet Stage Stasys Ratkevičius, master Vitalijus Mazūras, puppet animators). She works for Kaunas Puppet Stage as the Painter and consultant of sculptural reconstruction. She was the initiator of unique and rare TV project “Esu”. This is an educational program for young puppeteers shown twice a week.

Mija deals with puppets dance and various sculptural experimental techniques used in puppetry. Her two lovely sons are the youngest puppetry students.

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