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Milda Rasilavičiūtė (vocal)


Milda Rasilaviciute has been singing since the age of 7 when she started attending singing classes of Kursenai Art School. Besides singing, Milda is fond of dance and acting. She attends theatre for children and youth “Ikaras” of Kursenai culture centre. She has been to Poland, France with theatre group, where besides performance she propagated Lithuanian culture while singing Lithuanian folk songs. Milda tries to create songs herself. One of them was introduced in the musical project “Junior Eurovision“, arranged by LRT.

Being a pupil of the second form, Milda wrote scenario according to a tale and arranged New Year performance without anyone‘s help. Also, she is a good reciter (the winner of regional competetition of recuters of the year 2009). She conducts various events not only at school but in the region as well. She is a very lively, active, restless girl, has been atttending circus studio. She dances in modern dance groups „Wake Up“ and „Jamp“, participates in republic‘s competitions with them.(2 place winner of 2009 year competition „Ant stogo“.)

Since Milda participates in various musical projects, festivals, competitions. The most memorable achievements: became a laureate of republic‘s competition „Dainu dainele“ in 2006. In 2007 she participated in musical TV projects „Mazuju zvaigzdziu ringas“, „Junior Eurovision“, arranged by LRT, in the most of regional and republic‘s festivals, competitions („Pavasario fiesta“- 2 place, „Dainuok Ziemuzele“- 1 place, „Baltumo svente“, etc.)

The year 2008 was also successfuls. In republic‘s competition „Kaunas talent-2008“, in her age group she became a winner of the 1 place, participated in the event of Kaunas Municipality 600 Years Jubilee Festival, internacional competition „Talentu ringas“, arranged by LRT. She became a 2 place winner of world folklore festivalk, which took place in France, Port Sour Suone. A winner of semi-final of the competition „Talentu ringas“, arranged by LRT in 2009. She dreams of becoming a singing actress when grows up.

MORE INFORMATION: +370 659 69 211 .

Dainu Dainele competition 2009

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