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Chamber Ensambles

Vilniaus Universiteto Kamerinės muzikos ansamblis, Baltic Guitar Quartet, Alytaus string Quartette/ Alytus Quintette

\'\' Chamber music ensamble by Vilnius University
artistic director Paulius Bernardas Koncė

members: Saulius S. Lipčius, Sergej Krinicin, Ieva Baltmiškytė, Zigmas Čepulėnas

The guitar quartet is a unique occurrence in Baltic countries. Formed in 2004, the ensemble involves young Lithuanian musicians, winners of various competitions, actively performing as soloists in Lithuania and abroad. The audiences are often intrigued with the Quartet's programmes, presenting extensive guitar repertoire - from Renaissance to contemporary. Some Lithuanian composers are dedicating works for this young ensemble. Recently a recipient of the Lithuanian National Prize, Jurgis Juozapaitis, dedicated a work named "Guitar Quartet" to the Baltic Guitar Quartet. It's premiere was performed in the concert organized by the Lithuanian National Philharmonic society. The quartet is also actively cooperating with a famous Lithuanian composer Jonas Tamulionis.

The members of the quartet are graduates of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, where they have been studying with Julius Kurauskas, who is the successor of Aleksandr Frauchi's guitar school in Lithuania. Since 2006 the Baltic Guitar Quartet is studying in postgraduate studies with a former violinist of Vilnius string quartet and the head of chamber ensembles department in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, prof. Petras Kunca. The quartet has also attended masterclasses by the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, Gerald Garcia, Bosko Radojkovic, Ulrich Stracke, Laura Young, Giampaolo Bandini, the Groningen Guitar Duo ,Antonio Gonsalves, Reinbert Evers, Wolfgang Klos (viola).

The BGQ is often having performances organized by the Lithuanian National Philharmonic society, as well as other prestigious concert organizations. In May 2006, the Baltic Guitar Quartet made it's international debut in Tallinn, Estonia, where they represented Lithuanian culture in the "Vilnius culture and tourism day in Tallinn" and had a recital in the city Town Hall. In 2006 they also had concerts in "Christofer summer festival 2006", "Ch. Frenkel villa summer festival", "Pazaislis festival", "Vilnius City Hall Guitar Festival '06", series of charitable concerts "Clinica Musicalis".
In October of 2006 the BalticGQ introduced it's first CD album "Live".

The leaders Daiva Martikonytė and Dainius Platūkis

Alytus Quintette consists of Daiva Martikonytė and Diana Klemkaitė (violins), Ingrida Krikščiūnienė (viola), Antanina Pasaravičienė (violoncello) and Dainius Platūkis (clarinet). This is the eighth season of their creative work.
They accumulated a wide repertoir of various genres of chamber music. Alytus Quintette is looking for and finds new forms of spreading professional chamber music this way talking an important part of cultural life both in the Alytus town and region.

In 2002 the quintette thought of an educational programme „String Quartette plus and minus“ and started implementing it together with other professional performers of our country. It received a great response. In 2006 year 30 events on this programme 22 of which were concert-lessons were arranged in different institutions of education and about 2000 pupils from Alytus town and Alytus region schools participated in them.

In the calendar of cultural events of the Alytus town there are traditional shows such as artistic action „Ringing Town of Colors“ („Skambantis spalvų miestas“) committed to the children‘s Defence Day and „The Carnival“ („Kaukių balius“) meant for the New Year.

Every year at the beginning of summer the quintette presents its new programme to the public. They performed pieces by W. A. Mozart, F. Krommer, K. M. Weber, J. Brahms quintettes for the clarinet and String Quartette, various versions of creations by composers of different epochs for quintette. Sins 2002 they have been participating in the music festival of the country „Dainava music festival“. In 2005 they released their first album. In the plans of 2007 music and art programme „Čiurlionis way: Dzūkija – Sankt Petersburg“ which is going to consist of the exhibition of Benjaminas Jenčius paintings and musical programme which will include original M. K. Čiurlionis creations and their versions for the quintette.

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