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Young Lithuanian performers

Vita-Maria Daunytė (flute), Rokas Valuntonis (piano)


\'Vita Soloist of the symphonic orchestra of the National Art School of M. K. Čiurlionis. Being a student under the choir conducting line of studies at the National Art School of M. K. Čiurlionis since 1996, at the same time she was attending recorder classes. Since 2002, she has been learning recorder playing (pedagogue Žibutė Valaitytė).

In 2005, at the National Juozas Pakalnis Contest of The Winds she won the III premium.

In 2006, at International Karlo Stralis Contest of The Winds in Latvia she won II premium and Vita Maria took part at the skill courses masterclass of prof. Barbar Gisler-Haase.
Participant of master classes given by Prof. Rennate Greis-Armin, Germany. International flute master classes in Juodkrante (Lithuania) given by Prof. A.Vizgirda, with participation of the famous French flute performer Prof. Pascal Gresset.

In March 2007, 1st place at the National Contest of the Winds named after J. Pakalnis.
In May 2007, winner of Grand Prix at the international contest of young musicians "Citta di Barletta", Italy.
In June 2007, 2nd place at the international contest "Gradus ad Parnasum".
In July 2007, master classes of Mr. W.Bennett, one of the most famous flute players in the world.
In 2008, master classes of the famous Italian flute-player Prof. Vieri Bottazzini.
Since 2008 July - Vita Marija Daunyte is a student of Conservatoire de musique de Geneve, the class of Prof. J. Zoon,  (Switzerland).

She is active participant of concerts in Lithuania and abroad. For her own pleasure, she plays music at home with her sisters, and her programs are performed at various innovative art projects, also taking part of the projects created by of NGO "Kultūros artelė" - "Sesons 2004: Winter in Europos parkas", Moc'Art 2006, Let's create in Lithuania 2008: "Night music on the water" .

ROKAS VALUNTONIS (*1988) Pianist \'Rokas

He has been playing the grand piano since the age of 7 years. He was a pupil of the grand piano class at Panevėžys Children Music School (pedagogue Gražina Beleckienė). Since 2005, Rokas is a student of the National School of Arts of M. K. Čiurlionis (pedagogue Aleksandra Žvirblytė). He is active participant of concerts in Lithuania and abroad. A wide circle of audience admires his talent. Rokas has played in the Government House of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius City Hall, M. K. Čiurlionis house in Vilnius and Druskininkai, Biržai castle, J. Miltinis Drama Theatre, Panevėžys Music Theatre and Art Gallery, S. Vainiūnas house in Vilnius, LNOT, Danieli Gallery in Brussels (Belgium), Sigulda Festival 2003 (Latvia), etc. Rokas has been improving his skill at international courses for piano players, where he has been successful. He participated in a contest in Pianodriedaagase (the Netherlands), contest of grand piano players ensembles “Brother and Sister” in St. Petersburg (Russia), the XI and XIII national B. Dvarionas contests of pianists and violinists, the III international contest of young pianists in Poland, the III international contests of grand piano duets in Kaunas.

Since 1999, he has been noticed and awarded by experts:
1999 – The XXI International Pianist Contest “Le Muse” in Italy. The III premium
2000 – International Pianist Contest in Kiev. The III place
2001 – International Contest of Pianists and Grand Piano Ensembles in Belgium. The II place
2001 – International Contest of Pianists and Chamber Ensembles – Festival “Music without Walls” in Druskininkai.
The III place
2002 – International Contest of Grand Piano Ensembles in Sochi (Russia). The I premium
2003 – The II International Polish Music Festival-Contest dedicated to Frederic Chopin in Vilnius. The II premium
2003 – The VIII International Contest-Festival of Young Pianists and String Players with Panevėžys Chamber orchestra. Laureate
2004 – International German and Austrian Music Contest of Young Pianists. The III place
2004 – The IV International Contest of Six Hand Grand Piano Players in Germany. The II place
2004 – Laureate of the Queen Martha Premium.
2005 – The 5th National Contest of Young Pianists dedicated to Morisz Moszkowski at Stasys Šimkus Conservatoire in Klaipėda. The I place
2005 – Laureate of the III National J. S. Bach Young Pianists Contest

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