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Choir KIVI

Conductor Danguole Aukseliene
Coductor Danguole AUKSELIENE

Conductor and choir members
“Kivi” children choir /Vlnius, Lithuania/

Conductor Danguolė Aukselienė

The group’s repertoire is a mix of arranged Lithuanian folk songs, as well as popular and jazz music pieces. The group is a rewarding activity for the young singers. It is a place where they come together after school to meet their friends, to have fun and to learn to sing. The children take vocal lessons, they are taught improvisational singing and choreography. Their performing and stage skills begin to form. “Kivi” regularly participates in festivals and competitions in Lithuania as well as abroad. The group performs at charity functions, concerts at orphanages, takes part in various televised programs. Their songs are being broadcasted over many Lithuanian radio stations.

“Kivi” often performs national Lithuanian music when competing internationally. When participating in choral and vocal group competitions‚“Kivi“ always perform a traditional Lithuanian “sutartinė” which is warmly accepted by Lithuanian and foreign spectators as well. When choosing pieces to be performed by the group, special attention is paid to a poetic and musical harmony of text, a flexibility of melody and a possibility for improvisation and playfulness.

Since its debut in 1997 the vocal group “Kivi” has participated in many competitions in Lithuanian and abroad and has received the following awards:
2000 - The International children’s jazz competition “Baby Sings Jazz” (Lithuania), the first place in their age group.
2002 - The International children’s competition “Kaunas 2002” (Lithuania), second place winner.
2002 - Lithuanian TV “Mažųjų žvaigždžių valanda” competition, first place winner and winner of the Audience’s Favourite award.
2002 - Olomouc (Czech Republic), winner of the gold medal in the MUSICA MUNDI song competition.
2002 - Buen Viaje Festival (Spain) - “Kivi” received a diploma.
2003 - Varna (Bulgaria), first place winner in the international competition “Small Stars”.
2003  Riva del Garda (Italy), first place winner in F category at the Fifth International Competition “IN CANTO...SUL GARDA”. The group was honoured with the festival’s presidential trophy for the Most Original Program.
2004 - “Kivi” became the laureate of the LTV (Lithuanian television) competition “Dainų dainelė”.
2004 - Helsinborg (Sweden) Musica Mundi I-st International Competition, the first place in F category and conveted Grand Prix award.
2004 - Kaunas (Lithuania) Second International Competition, first place winners in the vocal group category.
2005 - Kalumborg (Denmark) International youth choir competition, first place winner.
2005 - Arnchem ( Netherlands) International youth choir competition Unisono, first place in the pop category, second price in F category.
2005 - Bergen (Norway) I-st Grieg International choir festival, Jury’s prize for outstanding performance, Grand prix diploma, the 3rd prize in F category.
2005 - The International children’s jazz competition “Baby Sings Jazz” (Lithuania), first place winner.
2006 - Riga (Latvia) I-st International Baltic Contest for Vocal Ensembles. “Kivi” received the conveted Grand Prix award.
2006 - “Kivi” became the laureate of the LTV (Lithuanian television) competition “Dainų dainelė”.
2006 - Xiamen (China) World Choir Games 2006 , gold medal children’s category.
2006 - Xiamen (China) World Choir Games 2006, silver medal folklore a cappella.
2006 - Xiamen (China) World Choir Games 2006, CHAMPION OF THE WORLD CHOIR
, Vocal Jazz a cappella.

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