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Youth brass instruments orchestra JOVARAS

\'\' Organization was established in February of 2003 on purpose developing Youth brass instruments orchestra’s "Jovaras". To this art school youth is going from many schools of Vilnius (Žemyna gymnasium, Žemyna basic school, Vilnius lyceum, Užupis gymnasium, Senvagė high school, Gabija gymnasium, Biržiška gymnasium, Vyturys primary school, Pelėda primary school, Antakalnis high school, Žverynas basic school, Genys primary school, Šeškinė high school and others).

Ugnius Vaiginis directs this organization, who is also a Youth brass instruments orchestra’s "Jovaras" art director and kapellmeister. This organization keeps just designed activities yet.

Director credo: There are no completely talentless people for music.

Director precepts:
the highest musical and pedagogical quality
youth prevention.

Director purpose:
To put strong youth base of honesty and healthy lifestyle, inoculate common man valuables, to develop abilities using them in life;
To mature youth creative mind, self-help and ability to take responsibility for one’s action;
To cherish youth spiritual, psychical and corporal power;
To educate individuality, reveal theirs creative power;
To educate art lovers, art propagandist;
To create for youth and for theirs parents sapid leisure;
To give them cultural, social and communicative competence.

In 2006 orchestra's brass ensemble participated in the 17th International "Trumpet Days" at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Ensemble performed in the Chamber Hall of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, in the Estonia Concert Hall and in the Winter Garden of Estonian National Opera. At the 1st of April two trumpeters of this ensemble participated in 17th International Trumpet Days’ Competition “Trumpet Talents 2006” and one of them won Grand prix, while other became diplomaed.

In 2006 orchestra "Jovaras" participated in national wind orchestra competition and won the 1st price in group B, while orchestra's brass band claimed the champions 3rd prize in group C.

In 2006 orchestra recieved the national award "Aukso paukštė", in the "International star" categorie.

In 2005 Youth Brass Instruments Orchestra “Jovaras” participanted in International Youth Music Festival – Competition in Zurich ( Switzerland). It won Grand prix and was invited to perform in the most prestigious concert hall in Zurich ( Grosser Tonhallesaal) in champions' GALA concert.

The orchestra has a strong community – the players of the orchestra, their parents, friends and fans – with summer camps (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005) and the celebration of various national and religious feast.

In 2003 orchestra participated in The World Lithuanian Song festival "WE", which was dedicated to the 750th years anniversary of the establishment of Lithuania kingdom and coronation of its first and the only king Mindaugas.

In 2002 “Jovaras” was a laureate of Lithuanian Wind Instruments Orchestras Championship. It is an active participant of most nationalfestivals and had the opportunity to play on the most prestigious stage of Lithuania - National Philharmonic Hall – several times.

In September of 2001 "Jovaras" was re-established by Ugnius Vaiginis at the Vilnius Žemyna Gymnasium. Now it gathers together more then 100 children and 3 teachers. Ugnius Vaiginis conducts the orchestra and teaches all children who play brass instruments in the orchestra. Arvydas Vainius is the teacher of the percussion group. Indre Velaviciute works with the younger generation of the orchestra.

In 1995 "Jovaras" the orchestra gave its 100th concert, which was widely reviewed in national press.
In 1994 orchestra "Jovaras" participated in The World Lithuanian Song festival.
In 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994 summer camps were organized in Lithuania and abroad.
In 1993 there were organized and lead by Ugnius Vaiginis international wind orchestra festival "Baltic Trumpets"
In 1993 it participated in the “Musik Festival Europe’93” in Luxemburg and won Grand Prix .
In 1992 it won Grad Prix in The International Wind Music Festival in Bamberg, Germany.
In 1986 the Youth Brass Instruments Orchestra “Jovaras” was established .

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