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Kestutis Vaiginis QUARTET (LT)

Kęstutis Vaiginis, Dainius Pulauskas, Eugenijus Kanevičius, Darius Rudis

K.Vaiginis quartet from Vilnius
Kęstutis Vaiginis – saxophones
Dainius Pulauskas – keyboard
Eugenijus Kanevičius – contrabass
Darius Rudis – percussion

Partner – Flavio Li Vigni (percussion, Italy)

Acknowledged jazz musicians in this cast have been performing for about two years. The quartet has been giving concerts in Lithuanian jazz clubs and jazz festival in France. Most of the ensemble’s repertoire consists of the music composed by its leader.

Imposing by its precision, aesthetical sound, studious compositions and solo, K.Vaiginis surprises us with thrusting temper and spontaneity in the group. The saxophonist is also a member of the international bands ‘Sibuli’, ‘Alvaro Nevado’ and his own quarter. He has been performing his music with various bands in Lithuania, the Netherlands, Spain and France.

Apart from his regular partners, K.Vaiginis has given concerts with German organ player Barbara Dennerlein, Swiss bass player Herbie Kopf, US pianist David Berkman.

Since 2004, the musician is a student of the North Nederland Conservatoire in Groningen (the Netherlands).
In 2005, K.Vaiginis became laureate of the jazz festival ‘Leiden Swingt!’ (the Netherlands). Other awards include: winner of J.Pakalnis Contest of the Winds (in 1995 and 1997), laureate of the improvisation contest ‘Rudens bliuzo akvarelė’ (Lithuania), diploma-holder of the jazz contest ‘Brilliant Note’ (Latvia).

Dainius Pulauskas is one of the brightest, most active and awarded jazz musicians. His awards include ‘Bravo’ prize as the best Lithuanian jazz musician in 1999, and Grand Prix at the international ‘Yesterday’ contest in Pernu (Estonia) and Birštonas jazz festival.

Established in 1996, D.Pulauskas sextet has been awarded ‘Auksinis diskas’ (The Golden Disk) of Lithuanian Association of Musicians, which is only awarded to the best musicians of the country, and an award of Lithuanian Institute for the promotion of Lithuanian jazz in the world.

E.Kanevičius, one of the most universal Lithuanian bass players, is laureate of the ‘Auksinis diskas’ (The Golden Disk) award. He is a member of Kaunas big band ‘Traffic’ and Vilnius jazz quarters, duo L.V.K.A. with Vytautas Labutis, and also gives performances as a soloist. Discography of E.Kanevičius includes over ten CDs, including three author’s CDs.

And finally, last but not least, is D.Rudis, who’s as universal as his colleagues. He has been giving concerts with various bands at all jazz festival of the country and abroad, in Finland, Greece, Russia, etc.

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