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Alytus Dixieland (artistic director Dainius Platūkis)

The leader Dainius Platūkis

Alytus Dixieland has been performing since 2002. The ensemble of 7 jazz misicians consists of D. Platūkis (clarinet), V. Asadauskas (saxophone), A. Mikalauskas (trumpet), S. Platūkis (trombone), A. Straigis (tuba), D. Pavilonis (keyboard), L. Bilevičius (drums).

Striving to develop jazz music performing tradition by professional musicians in Alytus town, Dixieland musicians have been systematically propagating jazz music implementing the project „Alytus Performs Jazz“ („Alytus groja džiazą“) and organizing 6-7 concerts every year.

In 2005 they released their first album.

The musicians initiated the music evenings in the Town Park under the name „Piping returns to the Town Park“ in 2006. This action was recognized by citizens and surprised its guests, but the clerisy of the Alytus town revived their youth reminiscences.
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