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Andrius PULKAUNINKAS (*1973)

Choreographer and initiator of Physical-Visual Theatre
Dance type: Contemporary/ Modern dance


2006 - August Butoh workshop by Masaki Iwana (Japan) in “Verda Utopio” (France)
2006 - July Summer dance school: contakt improvisation – A.Buckley (UK) Vilnius
2005 - July Summer dance school: Rilies technique - T.Gordėjava, contact improvisation – H.David, composition laboratory – S. Pepeliajev Vilnius (Lietuva)
2005.07 - Theatre educologie MS studies
2003 -  May Butoh workshop by Su En (Sweden) in ‘Buto breeze’ project (Sweden)
2002 - August Butoh workshop by Masaki Iwana (Japan) in “La Maison du Buto Blanc” (France)
2002 – 2000  T. Suzuci class by V.Grapstaite in Vilnius (Lithuania)
2001 - September Choreography/ Music/ Lighting Workshop by D.Dunn (USA), C. Mullins (USA). L. Karrer (USA),
            D. Simons (USA).
2000 - September workshops in dance festival in Gdansk in Ch. Vincent (G. Britan) L. Bzdyla (Poland) Classis (Poland)
2000 - July Workshops in dance festival Bytom in J. Skubaczkowski (Poland) M. Sonderkamp (Germany) K. Foyley (USA) P. Clayden (G. Britain) Classes. (Poland)
1998 - International Physical Theatre Hojskole (Denmark)
1997 - Vilnius University MS
1991  - finish Antakalnis Secondary School

Work Experience

2006  - November performance “Pasklidas” in Vilnius (Lithuania)
2006 - October solo performance „Blooming“ at the exhibition for blind people in Vilnius (Lithuania)
2006 - September mono performance „Military fall down“ Revellon (France)
2006 - February performance “Great start of the day”/ „Puikios dienos pradžia“ Vilnius (Lithuania)
2005 - Juny performance “Factory of happiness”; Naujasis Baltijos Šokis Vilnius (Lithuania)
2005 - May one time performance show at the festivals the ESTUDANCE (Paris) and the BIDU (Grenoble, France)
2004 - October performance “Los Disposables” Vilnius (Lithuania)
2004 - September performance “Ugly” Vilnius (Lithuania)
2004 - February performance “Returning of the Bread face” Vilnius (Lithuania)
2003 - September performer in B. Sarka performance “I wish recover’ Berlin” in ‘Off Beat’ festival (Germany)
2003 - May performance social provocation “Products” Cetinia (Montenegro)
2003 - May – 2004 March solo performance ‘Divine chump’ in Zabaria festival ‘Way’, Vilnius festival ‘Tree’, Nasrenai festival “A lipantiu y?”’, in Festival Uzupis-Art (Vilnius), Siauliai, Gioteborg dance festival “DAB” (Sweden)
2003 - September performance ‘The Code’ Berlin (Germany)
2003 - September choreographer in musicale ‘Earth of the Sun’ in Siauliai town festival (Lithuania)
2003 - March performance ‘The Drowned’ Vilnius (Lithuania)
2002 - November performance ‘Feeling of fire’ in New dance project (Lithuania)
2002 - July choreographer in musicale “Jurate ir Kastytis” in Klaipeda See festival Klaipeda (Lithuania)
2002 - June solo performances “Haus calling”, “Clinic” and “Artgenda by nigh” ’in “Artgenda” festival Hamburg (Germany)
2001 - December and 2002 June dancer in “Struggle with the gravity poll” (dir. E. Bzeskas) in Vilnius “Dance Typography” festival and “Unidram” festival Potsdam (Germany)
2002 - May performance “Energy saving” in “Poetic spring” festival Zabarijos (Lithuania)
2001-2002 performance “Fading” in DAB festival in Goteborg (Sweden), “Young choreographers platform” in Zagreb (Croatia), “Off Beat’ festival” in Berlin (Germany), X - primo festival in Malmo (Sweden)
2002 - April performance ‘Inhibit. Lt’ in “New Baltic dance” festival Vilnius (Lithuania)
2001 - November dancer in performance “Rouse smell like rouse” in Kiev (Ukraine) (dir. L. Venediktova)
2001 - November dancer in performance “Live and dead of A.” in Stockholm (dir. B. Baneviciute) (Sweden)
2001 - September performance “Green size” in Polli Tallu (Estonia)
2001 - July chorography in international musical “Aliens” (Lithuania)
2001 - June dancer in performance “Kaukių balius” (choir. D. Lunn from G.Britain)
2001 - April performance “Baltas (Head cleaner)” Vilnius (Lithuania)
2001 - April organizing the festival ‘Off Baltic Dance 01’(Vilnius)
2001 - February Organizer dance tourney in Lithuania “New form”
2001 - February performance “1000 airplanes” Vilnius (Lithuania)
2000 - December choreography in video musical “Uniforms’ (Lithuania – Germany)
2000 -  August dance workshop maker in international exchange camp “Ivrea” (Italy)
2000 - August performance “Four woman and the plane’ in Klaipeda See festival (Lithuania)
2000 - July solo performance ‘King of Snake’ (Polli Talu Estonia)
2000 - Jun Play and dance in the movie “The City” (Director N. Didvalis)
2000 - May solo performance “Biography” (“Poetic Spring” festival)
2000 - May dancer in performance ‘S. B. Va Bank’ (director S. Bernotaite) in festival ‘Dance typography’ (Vilnius)
2000 - April organizing the festival ‘Off Baltic Dance 00’(Vilnius)
2000 - February happening ‘Melt myth phobia’ ‘Art academy’ (Vilnius)
2000 - February performer in ‘City of my imagination’ (director A.Kalker (Holland))
1999 - October performance ‘Carroty’ Vilnius (Lithuania)
1999 - July dance and music performance in ‘ArMada’ festival (Vilnius)
1999 - April performance ‘420 bits’ (Vilnius University) (Lithuania)
1999 - May dancing in the performance “O virs visko dangaus shliūze” (director M. Misiunaite)
1998 - November physical visual theatre performance “Letter for another” (Stege, Denmark)
1997 - working in children theatre “Raganiuke”
1996 - actor in performance “Kiauliu gatves gyvenimo” (dir. M. Misiunaite)
1994 - actor in the performance “Jauskites kaip namie” (dir. G. Zemaitiene)
1992/ 1993 - an actor in the performance “Shienapjute’” (dir. M. Misiunaite)
1991 - started like actor in the performance “Ris Frasua” (dir. M. Misiunaite)
1991-2000 one of the organizers in the festival ‘Hercules’.

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