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Kęstutis KRASAUSKAS (*1968)

\'Sculptor Born on the 14th of September 1968, in Panevėžys, in the family of Povilas Krasauskas and Veronika Vileišytė.
In 1987 graduated from the Stepas Žukas Fine Art Technical College in Kaunas (completed Artistic Woodwork Program).
Since 1988, has been working as a painter-restorer and senior fellow for Rumšiškės Folk Household Museum.
In 1996, completed Sculpture Bachelor’s Degree Program at Vilnius Academy of Art, and thereafter – Sculpture Master’s Degree Program.
At the time being, he lives and works in his homestead in Pasvalys district, Pumpėnai local authority, Sereikonys village. Married, has four daughters with his wife Virginija Krasauskienė: Kamilė, Ramunė, Asta, Silvija.
Member of the Culture Council of the Municipality of Pasvalys District. Participant of exhibitions and workshops since 1987.
He makes sculptures of different materials.


White Ceramic (vases for the flowers, "Angels", "Gyvybes medis" and many others)
New works 2006

The Tree of Life

The Angel






"In Memoriam" Pano 2005  to prof. prist Alfonsas Lipniūnas (Lipnickas)


OA with Alfonsas Lipnickas 2005, Panevezys


Pano of prist Alfonsas Lipniunas


K.Krasauskas with OA 2005, Panevezys

Wooden sculptures

Wooden Angel have created in 5 hour


Sculpture in BREDA


Wooden sculpur on the private grave







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