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The real gipsy music: Roman Drom (HU)

Founded in Budapest by Antal Kovács and his father, who left us last year, Romano Drom has become in a few years the reference of the Hungarian Olah gipsy music. Their original sound is due to the creativity of Anti, who uses the genuine music of his people to open it to a larger public. The songs keep the energy of the gipsy music, but take a different color, influences of the surrounding world. Indeed 30 years ago the Olah gipsy music was still based on voices and rhythms and played in the community only.

Romano Drom plays as well in theatres as in festivals, interpreting a personal repertoire and compositions, avoiding clichés and touching the public by its sincerity.

Since 1999, Romano Drom is traveling around the world with its original and unique way of interpreting Olah gipsy music!

A few concert places:
Barbican Center (UK), Nuits Gitanes pour l’Unesco, Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer (F), Gipsy Swing Festival, Anger (F), Concert Gebouw, Amsterdam (NL), Nuits Atypiques de Langon (F), Festival d’Art de Huy (B), Festival d’Ile de France (F), Auditorium de Lyon (F), Expo 2002 (CH), RingRing Festival (YU), Falun Festival (S), Vijlandi Festival (Estonia), Womufe (H), Sziget Festival (H), Pireneos Sur (E), Rudolstadt (D), Anna Lindh Foundation (Egypt), Festival Territorios (E), United Island, Prag (CZ), Palais des Beaux Arts, Bruxelles (B), Kaustinen Festival (SU), European Street, Peking (China), Babylon, Istanbul (TR), Bard Summerscape Festival (USA), Tom de Festa, Tondela (Portugal), Paléo Festival de Nyon (CH)….

The Cds:
1999 Déta Dévla – X- production –Hungary
2001 Ando Foro- daquí – France- distribution Harmonia Mundi
2003 Ande Lindri – daquí- France - distribution Harmonia Mundi
2003 romano trip – Romano Drom remixes- Gypsy House – Hungary
2006 Rovel e luludyi - new CD coming out!

Antal Kovács, called Anti, leader of the group and composer.
He started playing music at 11 years old in a children’s group. Autodidact, his inspiration takes roots in traditional gipsy music, rumba, raï, jazz and pop music. All his songs are sung in lovar and collar, gipsy dialects spoken in Hungary and his mother tongue.

Máté Kovács, son of Anti plays in the group since he is 15 on aluminium can, darbuka, cajon and small percussions.

Zsigmond Rafael,
called Csika (pronounce chica) is the keeper of traditional sounds with the aluminium can and the mouth basses, but also the powerful dances.

József Balogh,
called Joco, plays rhythmic guitar and sings with a velvet voice.

Robert Farkas,
plays accordion and violin. He comes from a dynasty of musicians, and brings the virtuosity of the classical gipsy musicians.
New guest: Olga Dobi, voice and dance!

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