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Montenegro Real Estate

Quick Introduction into the Montenegrin Property Market Why Montenegro?

Listed below are some of the main advantages of purchasing property in Montenegro:

You will have the opportunity of real estate investment in the cleanest part of the Adriatic. The coastline is not overcrowded with giant hotels and noisy restaurants. The sea itself is much cleaner on the eastern Adriatic coast than on the western one. That is why Italians prefer beaches of Montenegro when going on holidays.

An all year round mild climate is attractive for tourists. The coast is planted with palm trees, cypress and olive groves, cedars and pomegranates. You can see cottages, apartments, villas and other real estate for sale objects placed comfortably in their shadows.

Real estate investment opportunity in Montenegro is enhanced by relatively little birocracy involved into the registration of real estate for sale and purchase, the whole procedure takes just a couple of days. Favorable taxation for owners of real estate compared to Spain, France, Italy, Greece or Cyprus.

Real estate, construction and finishing works prices in Montenegro are much lower than in any other EU country
Finally, the consistent increase of real estate prices makes any property acquisition an eligible investment opportunity. A villa, an apartment, a house, a cottage and, in fact, any kind of real estate for sale on the Adriatic seaside, can bring in a steady income to you by renting it. Or you can simply wait for the prices to go up and sell it.

Montenegro Real Estate Property

Montenegro is an relatively new real estate market, so You will have the opportunity of real estate investment with a high R.O.I. in one of the most beautiful and cleanest part of the Adriatic.
There are no restrictions on foreigners buying property in Montenegro.
A rural stone house in need of renovation can start from around 55,000 Euros, but you get a lot of land with it.
A two bedroom house can be bought for around 40,000 Euros but all it depends where and what are you looking for.
For example :
In Budva, a detached house of 65sq meters with 800 sq m of land and all facilities will cost you from around 120,000 Euros
In Cetinje a detached house of 125 sq m and 300 sq m of land will cost you around 50,000 Euros
In the same town, a very nice villa of 190 sq m and 700 sq m of land will cost around 135,000 Euros
A nice decent flat will be somewhere in the 50,000 to 60,000 Euros area.
Now, talking about luxury villas with a sea view in Herceg Novi area, can be bought for as much as 650,000 Euros or more, But you can also buy in the same area , a 150 sq m detached house, only 250m away from the beach, for only 150,000 Euros.
Also a flat of around 80 sq m will cost you no more than 100,000 Euros, where as an old house on two levels with land in the same city will cost around 70,000 Euros.
In Radovici, an old stone house in need of renovation can be bought for as little as 35,000 euros.
In Meljine , an apartment located in a very old but beautiful building will cost around 75,000 Euros, and you get as sea view as well.
An apartment in Igalo, very near to popular beaches will cost around 100,000 Euros.
Finnaly , in Kotor and old stone house in need of renovation will cost around 50,000 Euros.

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