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Photo gallery and reminder for the session in France 2006

Photo Gallery
Visits, seminars and etc. 

• Donato Giuliani: Presentation of the French cultural system, its evolution and the cultural policy of the Nord-Pas de Calais Region
• Raymond Weber: Mondialization, globalization and new roles to be played by cultural policies (with the intervention of Daniel Boys, Mervi and Leslie)
• Julia Rowntree: Fundraising in the field of Culture (the meaning of money)
• Jean Pierre Saez: Elements for a comparative analysis of decentralisation, territorialisation and cooperation between cultural policies in Europe
• Dragan Klaic: Working internationally in the time of globalization: the dialectics of the local and the international

Mini audits in Dunkerque
• Le Bateau Feu
• La Plateforme
• Les 4 écluses

Group works and individual tutorial
• group work on the projects
• Delphi seminars
• Delphi clusters
• cluster discussion with local cultural operators

Round tables
• Round table on cultural policies and actions in the Pas de Calais region
• Round table on Cultural policies and actions implemented by the Urban Community of Dunkerque

• Visit of the Base 11/19 (former coal mine pit)
• Visit of the Louvre /Lens site
• Visit of the Chartreuse des Dames de Gosnay
• Presentation of the Culture Commune
• Visit of “Le Grand-Hornu“ and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Mons
• Visit of the Cultural House in Saint-Ghislain
• Contemporary art tour in Dunkerque

Cultural events

Romano Drom concert
• Tango class
• 36 pas mort – theatre show with the Szgabonnistes (Culture Commune)
• Un pas de coté - (Le Bateau Feu)

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