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Marcel N. VERHOEFF, Conductor (NL)

\'\' Marcel Verhoeff, conductor

Marcel N. Verhoeff (1956) took his first piano lessons at a very young age from his father. After graduating from high school, he studied singing at the conservatorium in The Hague and Brussels in combination with the study for choir and orchestra conductor. His tutors were amongst others Herman Woltman, Aafje Heynis, Louis Devos, Fernand Terby, Kenneth Montgommery, Antoni Ross-Marba and Anton Kersjes.

In 1975, he conducted his first choir. Nine years later, he continued his career as a conductor of a choir specialised in Old Russian Liturgical and folk music. In 1998, he was invited for an exchange programme between the governments of The Netherlands and the Russian Federation to visit Russia to study Russian music. One of the results was the honourable invitation to conduct the well-known Great Russian State Orchestra: ”Alexander Yurlov Capella”, followed by a concert tour with this orchestra through the Netherlands. It was an overwhelming success.

In 1992, Marcel Verhoeff was appointed by the Royal Breda Male Choir. One year later Marcel “Nikolajevich” Verhoeff also became the chief conductor of the “Don Cossacks Choir” in Moscow and of the “Male voices of Bulgaria” choir in Sofia.

In the meantime, he was also appointed guest conductor of the Polish Opera of Wroclaw, the sister-city of Breda and subsequently also of the Romanian State Philharmonic “Moldava” in Iasi and the National Opera choir and orchestra Cluj-Napoca of Romania.

With these two choirs and orchestras and the Royal Breda Male Choir, Verhoeff conducted the Night of the Classics event at the “Chassé Theatre” in Breda. Together with the Cluj-Napoca Opera and the Royal Breda Male Choir, he conducted Mozart’s “Krönungsmesse” in the “Grote or Lieve Vrouwe Kerk” in Breda.

Since 1994, the Don Cossacks Choir Russia is performing and touring through various European countries, with Marcel Verhoeff as chief conductor and with unbroken success. Apart from his successful career as chief conductor of the well-known Russian Cossacks, Marcel Verhoeff also enjoyed many successful concerts as the well-reputed conductor of the Royal Breda Male Choir. The legendary “Night of the Classics” concerts were sold out 7 times in a row. Just as the same “Night of the Proms” formula that was brought by him to Music centre Vredenburg in Utrecht was an unforgettable happening. The same goes for the “Midsummer night” concert in combination with the Royal Military Band and the Breda’s Male Choir on the occasion of the celebration of the 750-years anniversary of Breda city.

The pilgrimage led by Breda’s Bishop to Rome in October 2002 had enormous impact, due to the enormous energy and artistry of maestro Marcel Verhoeff. During this historical pilgrimage The Vatican permitted him to conduct W.A. Mozart’s Krönungsmesse” in Saint Peter’s Cathedral. With the Royal Breda Male Choir, the boy’s choir from the “Zeeuws Koorschool”, 4 solo singers and the Orchestra della Regione di Lazio together.

The fruitful co-operation with the Royal Military Band resulted in the appointment of Marcel Verhoeff as artistic and creative advisor of all military orchestras in the Netherlands by the Ministry of Defence, and also as co-conductor of the Royal Military Band (KMK).

On 24 November, Marcel Verhoeff conducted the Breda Male Choir and the KMK during the performance of Bohusslav Martinu “Polni Mse” (field mass) in the “Grote Kerk”. Her Majesty the Queen attended and enjoyed this impressive concert on the occasion of the celebration of 175th anniversary of the Royal Military Academy.

On Christmas Eve 2004, Marcel Verhoeff will conduct his Royal Breda Male Choir as part of the traditional Christmas Night Mass led by Bishop Muskens in the” Grote Kerk” in Breda.




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