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GENERAL VISION - Project registration no.605, 29/10/2004

is a presentation of music (concerts, musical performances), poetry, dance, the visual arts (exhibitions, video and audio installations) and educational projects (early childhood music education methods, environmental protection), debate clubs, etc. in original spaces, during the spring-summer(April - July) and fall-winter (September - February) seasons.

The Festival encourages cultural and geographic diversity. Organizers of the Festival intend to invite professional artists from different countries: composers, musicians, painters, landscape architects, poets, actors and talented young artists and seniors.

The concept of the festival seeks to unify nature, human beings, and free artistic self-expression.

• European sculpture parks, botanic gardens.
• Cultural route and heritage places (duke houses, museums).
• Concert halls and churches in Lithuanian cities and rural areas.
• Tourism and recreational places.

• Internationally acclaimed Lithuanian and foreign artists
• Students of academies of art, music and theatre
• Students of Lithuanian and foreign schools of music and fine arts high schools
• Young prize-winners of international competitions
• Students of boarding schools for the blind, the deaf and the hard-of-hearing

• European Arts & Parks Festival symphony orchestra comprised of the most talented young Lithuanian performers will be organized on a self-rule basis.
• Companies, whose name starts with “Euro…” shall be the new, prospective partners of the Festival.
• The open air places, gardens, parks – an unconventional place to view art and discover new senses.

• It is planned to present projects at concert halls and cultural centres of Vilnius partner cities within Europe and open-air parks & gardens of foreign partners of public institution Kultūros artelė.

We hope that "European Arts & Parks Festival" will be recognized as an encourager of innovative art-related activities, developing imagination and taste in all people, creating a sense of community and national cultural heritage in the younger generation, fostering self-expression of t he younger generation and integration of the disadvantaged into the society.

The Festival is a long-term project that hopes to foster consistent, original and modern traditions of Lithuanian culture, inviting people with different artistic attitudes to communicate.

You are welcome to recommend a project by filling out a form on our website or we‘ll send you form by E-mail.

We kindly invite everybody to be creative together!

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