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European Arts & Parks Festival 2007

\'\' "European Arts and Parks Festival 2007"

The objective of the Festival is to gather together professional artists, pedagogues, young performers, regional communities from various countries, and everybody who is in search of novelties and harmonious environment in the European context for a common regional development project.

EUROPEAN ARTS AND PARKS FESTIVAL 2007 is a unity of nature, human and free artistic expression in the summer season, which is the most beautiful and the most attractive for cultural tourism. It is a cluster of culture – presentation of classical and modern music, poetry, dance, graphic arts, sports and arts actions, projects on cultural dialogue between Lithuanian and foreign artists, discussion club, and art projects of people with eyesight and hearing disabilities. All of that will take place in the sites of cultural heritage, sculpture parks, botanic gardens and new spaces. The Festival will be crowned by the program developed by an international youth symphony orchestra during the summer academy ‘Art Baltica – Panevėžys’.


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