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Create in LT: Art Baltica    Create in Lithuania 2008    

Summer Art Academy ART BALTICA: Seminar of Art Therapy

With lector Lilia PETRIE (Canada)

\'\' 19 - 21
June 2008
Panevėžys (Lithuania)

Seminar for psychologists, social workers, social pedagogues, special pedagogues, and people in search of self-cognition and personal growth

\'\' Lilia Petrie has gained education in the fields of art therapy and dance therapy. She has accomplished fine art therapy studies at Vancouver (Canada) Art Therapy Institute, and has been working at the Riverview Hospital with people with mental disability and practicing privately for 17 years. Ms. Petrie has also accomplished studies at the Self Expression and Dance Therapy Centre (SEAD) and was heading dance therapy groups for several years. Lilia Petrie has intercultural work experience in the fields of Tai Chi training and graphic arts. When working, Lilia Petrie follows spiritual and holistic attitudes, aiming at the development of a positive “picture of self” and the highest personal potential.

* Seminar will be held in English and translated to Lithuanian.
* 10.30 to 19.00 daily.
* Attendance fee: LTL 320.00.
* Extra charge for accommodation (expected price is LTL 20 to 60 per day)
* Registration expires on the 10th June 2008.
* Attendance fee must be remitted before the 10th of June 2008.
* The number of participants is limited.
* Participants will be awarded certificates.
* Payment details:
   Beneficiary: NGO “Meno terapijos centras”/ “Center of Art Therapy”
   Company code: 300817539
   Settlement account: Nr. LT 73 7290 0000 0170 0089
   Bank: AB Parex bankas
   Purpose: MTC seminar Self-Empowerment through Integrated Methods of Art Therapy
* More information will be provided upon registration.

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NGO "Kultūros artelė"                                               NGO "Meno terapijos centras"
Director Odeta Abromavičiūtė                                  Director Bernadeta Martinaitytė
Tel.: 8 659 69 211                                                    Tel.: 8 600 24756 or 8 640 28251
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This practical seminar offers an effective method of self-cognition and problem solving through applica-tion of different kinds of art therapy and creative writing.

We often face deep-rooted fears or creed, which stop us from achieving important goals, realizing and even acknowledging our dreams. The overall fears make us refuse from our ambitions and dreams, indu-rate our existence, and depress our soul and body. However, we could identify and take benefit of our fears and creed. We could learn to identify, whether they purposefully protect us from possible harm and dangers or, on the contrary, take away our inner strength, creativity and vividness. We should try to find a way, how to struggle free from the chains of fear and creed, and how to turn them into the driving force of implementation of our personal and general social dreams, goals and aspirations. Our body carries ex-tensive knowledge and cellular information on our feelings, memories, and experience. Each fear or creed, as well as hope, goal or aspiration, have its own place in some part of our body. When we learn to use our fear for realisation of our dreams, we are then able to express our findings through movement, art and writing. In this way, we get an opportunity to explain these things or, even better, find a solution that sets us free from the fears and creed that stop us.

Various integrated methods of art therapy will be demonstrated to participants of the seminar. Conditions will be created to realize your kinaesthetic sensations, analyse your fears and creed, make active move-ments and analyse them, discuss acquired experiences in small and large groups, form a positive attitude towards yourself and empower yourself. We can explore and consolidate our attitudes through movement, art, writing or verbal sharing.

Individual, independent tasks will be carried out, during which special relaxation and breathing exercises will be used, participants of the seminar will be carrying out individual drawing and writing tasks. There will also be some practical tasks, which will enable you to identify, in which part of our body joy, courage and vividness live, as they are related to our most important dreams, aspirations and wishes.

NGO “Meno terapijos centras”, NGO “Kultūros artelė“
Centre of Social Welfare and Disability Studies of Šiauliai University


19 - 21 June, 2008
Photos by Odeta Abromavičiūtė 

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