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Let's create in Lithuania 2008: Chamber music concert on the water

Program "Support for young talents"


June 13, 2008 (Friday), 9:30 PM

Asveja regional park, Dubingiai (Molėtai district, Lithuania)

on the Asveja lake waves


Joana DAUNYTĖ (harp, Lithuania)
Elena DAUNYTĖ (cello, Lithuania)
Kotryna DAUNYTĖ (violine, Lithuania)
Vita Marija DAUNYTĖ (flute, Lithuania)


• Johan Sebastian BACH - "Sonata for flute", Nr. 6
• Piotr ČAIKOVSKIJ – Variation for harp on opera "Eugenij Onegin“ themes
• Tadas ŠERNAS - "Barcarole for violine“
• Bria BONSOR - "Serenada" for viola, flute, cello, harp.
• Astor PIAZZOLLA - "Tanti Ani Prima“. Trio (harp, cello and flute)
• Tadas ŠERNAS - "Marsh for violine"
• Bria BONSOR - "Waltz for MO"
• Unknown compositor – Variations for flute, harp in midcentury style
• Oleg JEVLACHOV - "Romance for cello“
• Bernard ANDRES - "Muscade“, "Gingembre“ and "Cola“
• Catherine WALTER-KÜHNE - "Fantazija“

Odeta ABROMAVIČIŪTĖ (project author and manager )

Yanos International (NL), Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and the private business sector

NGO "Kultūros artelė"

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