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Create in LT: Art Baltica    Create in Lithuania 2008    

Let's create in Lithuania: CECILIUM

Concerts & Improvisations

The hour of electronic music and percussion

3 August 2008, 14:00
Cathedral of St. Disciples Peter and Paul
Aušros takas 3, Šiauliai

6 August 2008, 18:00
Anykščiai Chapel
Vilniaus 36, Anykščai

\'\' Participants:

Bernhard WöSTHEIRICH (Germany)

Hokshila ANDRADE (Lithuania)


Bernhard Wöstheinrich  is German electronic musician, painter and graphic designer, who does creative works, plays synthesizers and electronic percussion instruments. Together with the guitarist Markus Reuter jhe has established media service agency and creative stage duet ‘Centrozoon’. Bernhard is an active participant of art exhibitions, international festivals, presentations of video and music installation projects, international multimedia projects: Virtual Arts Day (Helsinki, Finland), Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria), KLAK Klangmuseum (Kassel, Germany), Expanded Cinema Festival (Freiburg, Germany), Live-set on air radio program ‘Star's end’ (Philadelphia, USA). The artist has worked with experimental art home cinema maker Telemach Wiesinger, Ian Boddy, Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, No-Man singer Tim Bowness, Thorsten Niestrath and Synapscape's Philipp Münch. He is the author of the solo project ‘The Redundant Rocker’. He has been cooperating with the NGO Culture Artfact since 2006. For more information on the performer go to:;;;

Style:  Bernhard Woestheinrich assembles chilled-out soundscapes of electronic pulses. The music acts as a travel guide through your senses and sensuousness. Bernhard is using a special set-up, which allows performing extensive live improvisations. The system interacts completely with the musician; every musical phrase can be recorded and played back in real time. The result is a evolving soundscape, which moves seamless from one tune to another.

Hokshila Andrade – Lithuanian song-writer, singer, percussionist, guitarist and, pedagogue of the 2nd Summer Art Academy ‘Art Baltica 2008’, which took place in Kuršėnai children foster home. Participant of creative sound laboratory with German electronic musician Bernhard Wöstheinrich, pupils of Kuršėnai children foster home and the blind. Performed afro reggae callypso syle music and accompanied with the sounds of electronic music.


The 1st Summer Art Academy ‘Art Baltica 2007’ took place in Berčiūnai (Panevėžys district, Lithuania). The idea of the project is training and education of young professional performers, formations of skills of playing in the youth symphony orchestra, development of the space for artistic creative self-expression in Lithuania, thereby stopping emigration of youth, ‘brain outfall’ abroad and integration of socially vulnerable youth into society.

The 2nd Summer Art Academy ‘Art Baltica 2008’ took place in Kuršėnai children foster home (Šiauliai district, Lithuania). Due to lack of funds, more attention was paid to visual arts (tactile graphic, fine art, fine plastic and sculpture for the blind, presentation of the works by famous Lithuanian artist Virginijus Kašinskas in DVD format, etc.), formation of healthy living, chamber music and music-playing, and improvisations at home.

The youth gathered from all over Lithuania had an excellent opportunity to meet talented and creative contemporaries. Not everyone can see the world like we, the healthy ones with no eyesight disability, do. Yes the blind have excellent communication skills and infect others with their strength and knowledge-thirstiness. Participants of the academy we taking lessons from foreign and Lithuanian lectors, who have unveiled some secrets of the art, revealed the possibilities of self-cognition in the way of psychodrama, and taught the German language. Participants of the project met guests of honour of the Summer Art Academy: beloved-by-the-youth Hokshila and German soldiers of NATO military air forces (continuation of the project ‘I strive to be like them’), who painted a picture and gave it away as a present to Kuršėnai children foster home. In the evenings, fairy-tales were read, beautiful fairies were visiting the foster home, which warmed up the hearts of the young inmates of the foster home. All participants were learning to hear out their friends, their close ones, the sounds of nature, and try to depict them in their drawings. Pupils have decorated their surroundings with their own works and sculptures. The attention to the participants health and sports was main moment as well (yoga, karate Kyokushin and etc). Trips to regional parks, estates and churches of Šiauliai region were organised; foreign guests were introduced to gastronomic heritage and ponies patronized by pupils of Kuršėnai children foster home. Projects developed within the 2nd Summer Art Academy ‘Art Baltica 2008’ will crown the program under the European Arts and Parks Festival ‘Create in Lithuania’.

* Those interested in electronic music will be able to purchase recent CDs of
   Bernhard Wöstheirich music.
* Photo gallery: August 3, 2008 and 6 August, 2008

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