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Let's create in Lithuania 2008: Internet TV

The 2nd Summer Art Academy ART BALTICA 2008 on the INTERNET TV


\'\' From 25th July till 5th August 2008, Kuršėnai Children Foster Home (KCFH) was under the way of art muses and fairy-tales enveloping the pupils of KCFH and the young talents from the regions of Lithuania with warmth. Though not everybody was able to see the world as we, the healthy ones, did, the participating people with eyesight disability had excellent communication skills and infected everyone with their strength and knowledge-thirstiness. The youth gathered from even the most remote corners of Lithuania had a rare opportunity to meet new people, create, improve their skills of communicating in foreign languages, befriend interesting and funny Lithuanian and foreign lectors, painters, musicians, followers of the philosophy of the East and instructors of yoga and Kuršėnai Karate Kyokushin Club DAO, as well as German soldiers of NATO air forces. The Summer Art Academy has been developed and organised by NGO ‘Culture Artfact’,

A lot of merry moments were initiated. Lead by doctoral student of VAA Diana Raudonienė, tactile graphic activities dominated in the program of the creative workshops of the 2nd Summer Art Academy ART BALTICA. The German artist Bernhard Wöstheinrich shared some secrets of visual arts and introduced the youth to experimental music; we learnt how to make a video diary (visual art creator and head of the technical practice Zenonas Anušauskas); we were introduced to the philosophy of the East and yoga (instructor Jurga Mikelionienė), Eastern martial art Karate Kyokushin (instructor, holder of Dan 2 - Vygandas Milieška and his pupils). Lessons of musical instrument-making were given by the percussionist and singer Hokshila Andrade. We went through moments of self-cognition at psychodrama lessons given by the actress Daiva Rudokaitė. And interior designer Kristina Kaziūnienė (Šiauliai) taught pupils of KCFH, how to frame a picture and decorate the surroundings. Participants of the project had a meeting with German soldiers of NATO air forces (continuation of the project “I strive to be like them...’), who made a painting and donated it to KCFH. In the evenings, pretty fairies attended the pupils and told fairy-tales. There were also trips to parks and churches of the Šiauliai region, foreign guests were introduced to the culinary heritage of the country and, of course, pony horses patronised by the pupils of KCFH. Works created during the 2nd Summer Art Academy ART BALTICA 2008 crowned the program of the European Arts and Parks Festival ‘Let’s create in Lithuania’ in Šiauliai, Anykščiai and Vilnius. All participants of the project were awarded certificates (100 pcs.). Works created by participants of the Summer Art Academy will be presented at various galleries and during various events.

SPONSORS: Yanos International (NL), members of the Royal Breda Male Choir (represented by Ms. Annie van den Berg) and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

ORGANIZERSof NGO ‘Culture Artfact’: Municipality of Šiauliai district

Zenonas Anušauskas, Danielė Raudonytė, Odeta Abromavičiūtė, Džesika Urbikytė, Gerda Mikailionytė, Aistė Kaminskaitė, young pupils of KCFH.

\'\' Vision & Mission of the Project
Presented by: Odeta Abromavičiūtė
Director of NGO “Culture Artfact’, initiator and manager of the project (Vilnius)

\'\' Creative workshop for the blind: The Birth of Eco-Friendly ‘Dragon’
Author: blind girl Monika Žvirblytė
(art teacher Diana Raudonienė, doctoral student at Vilnius Art Academy, Vilnius)

\'\' Creative workshop: music study, discussions on Africa, etc.
(percussion, music instrument-making, improvisation and music-making at home)
Participant: friendly musician and traveller Hokshila Andrade (Vilnius)

\'\' The art of living (according to the philosophy of the East): Yoga
Presented by: Jurga Mikelionienė (yoga and aerobics instructor, Šiauliai)

\'\' Joga nidra: the path to the kingdom of dreams.

For more information on Nidra joga please go to…
Presented by: Jurga Mikelionienė (Šiauliai)

\'\' The art of living (according to the philosophy of the East): Karate Kyokushin
Presented by: Vygandas Milieška
(2 Dan, Instructor of Kuršėnai Karate Kyokushin Club DAO)

\'\' The art of living: ‘Train hard, fight easy’
Presented by: Members of Kuršėnai Karate Kyokushin Club DAO
Eimantė Leliukaitė, Valdemaras Mitkus and Vilius Tarasevičius

\'\' Breaking wooden boards. Farewell show.
Valdemaras Mitkus, Vilius Tarasevičius, Vygandas Milieška and
Bernhard Woestheinrich
Music: by Redundant Rocker

\'\' Transformation of broken boards into pieces of art
(Information is under development)
Author: Vilius Tarasevičius.
Soundtrack of the film: music from the album ‘Redundant Rocker’.

\'\' The art of living: Psychodrama
The method of revealing self-expression possibilities
Lector: actress Daiva Rudokaitė

\'\' Creative workshop: Framing a picture and decorating surroundings
Information is under development
Presented by: Interior designer Kristina Kaziūnienė

\'\' Festival ‘Let’s create in Lithuania: CECILIUM’
3rd August 2008, 14:00
Cathedral of St. Disciples Peter and Paul in Šiauliai
The hour of electronic music and percussion
Bernhard WöSTHEINRICH (Germany)
Hokshila ANDRADE (Lithuania)

\'\' Festival ‘Let’s create in Lithuania: CECILIUM’

6th August 2008, 18:00
Anykščiai Chapel (Vilniaus Strg. 36, Anykščai)
Bernhard WöSTHEINRICH (Germany)
Hokshila ANDRADE (Lithuania)

(information in-progress)
Presentation of the works developed during the 2nd Summer Art Academy ART BALTICA 2008 to the public

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