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Create in LT: Art Baltica    

Create in Lithuania 2009

\'\' \'\' The Baltic countries have many talented and creative people on the one hand but very limited possibilities for self-expression and cultural support on the other. One of the main prospective ideas of the project is the establishment of structures stimulating self-thinking, intercommunion and self-rule among Baltic and other European young people in order to enhance consciousness and responsibility of the young generation for its national cultural future.

The philosophy of the project will have an impact on the regional cultural development of Lithuanian districts, and will put some accents on the national urban and environmental development and political economical cooperation, and will pay attention to some social, emigration problems, cultural tourism and traveling. Arts will open the gates to wellness, peace and harmony surrounding all of us.

Welcome to Lithuania in 2009

  Let's create in LT: Words from the bent grass
A new series of educational events fro fans of lyrics
  Let's create in Lithuania boldly!
2009-09-04 | Ieva Anelauskaitė. Translated by Milda Jaruševičiūtė, ERMARA
  Photography Exhibition MAMA AFRICA |2009-04-02|
International development – Lithuanian support to Kenyans
  Let's create in Lithuania: New historical book presentation
Author - Jūratė Statkutė de Rosales (Venezuela)
  AFRICA traveling around Lithuania |2009-03-11|
Workshops and concert
  Create in Lithuania: Afrik@LT2009 |2009-02-28|
Telebridge - International development - musical premier
  Presentation of "Litlle Rock"
by Eglė Aukštakalnytė Hansen (Nairobi, Kenya))

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