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Create in LT: Art Baltica    Create in Lithuania 2009    

3rd International Summer Art Academy ART BALTICA 2009

\'\' NGO “Kultūros artelė“ based in Vilnius 3rd time running the social education project for young talents – the Summer Art Academy ART BALTICA and cycle of creative industries and concerts “Let’s create in Lithuania”. It could become a real intellectual and art product for projects like “Vilnius – European Capital 2009”, “1000 year for Lithuania” and “International Year Astronomy 2009”. The education focuses on classical music, tactile graphics, visual arts and healthy lifestyle for young artists and performers. The main subject of all created programs at the summer academy shall be “The Peace in the Planet”. Since we consider you as unique professionals with particular skills we would like you to invite you to take part and to contribute your personal ideas for the ART BALTICA 2009.

Pedagogues of music and visual art will share their own experiences. The students of the academy will be foster home kids (age 3-18 (visual arts) and young talented regional artists and 18–25 years (music), everybody who is open and interested in developing the own personality. Due to the very wide range of persons with different talents and competences who are invited a very strong interdisciplinary and fruitful exchange in between all participants will come along very naturally. This exchange we consider among all other objectives as one of the most important goals of our international project.

Proceeding, approach and aimed achievements of “Art Baltica 2009”:

Professional pedagogues will have private distinctive master classes (see the tutors list below). In these classes the teachers are asked to impart and convey their particular skills and experiences. The resulting output will be a showcase of the specific and individual courses of action which were realized in these workshops.

The Youth Chamber Orchestra of summer art academy playing classical music of Lithuanian and international composers is to be mentioned as one of the most exemplary and striking projects that will be achieved within the seminars of “Art Baltica 2009”. All resulting concerts and exhibitions will be performed and shown at several festivals around districts of Panevėžys, Šiauliai, Vilnius, Kėdainiai, Raseiniai, Radviliškis, Klaipėda (Lithuania).
We intend to make an additional concert tour to Estonia, Latvia or Germany.

REGISTRATION (look there)


8:00 Getting up and washing
8:30 Greeting the sun in the rhythm of dance
9.45 Persistence line
10:00 Breakfast
11:00 Program I (work in groups)
14:00 Lunch and nap with a book
15:30 Program II (practical exercises in groups)
17:00 Afternoon’s luncheon/ work in groups
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Program III (discussing the day)
21:00 Reading fairy tales to the little ones
22:00 Late dinner and playing music at home
23:00 Yoga
00:00 Silence...


Participants of the camp must:
• Have a written permit of their parents/guardians to participate in the creative camp when filling in the participant’s application;
• Observe daily order of the camp;
• Obey mentors and pedagogues of the foster home;
• Observe Lithuanian Law.

List of things to be brought to the camp:

• Tent (if applicable);
• Sleeping bag and mat;
• Bed linen;
• Hygiene articles;
• Anti-mosquito and anti-mite spray/cream;
• Convenient hiking footwear and pumps;
• Change of clothes and footwear;
• A set of warmer clothes;
• Non-restricting clothing for yoga classes and creative outdoor activities;
• Raincoat;
• Cap;
• Swimwear, towel;
• Cup for tea;
• A book with your favourite fairy tales;
• Personal medications (if applicable);
• Working tools (if applicable) such as paint, paper, protective clothing, etc.);
• Music instruments;
• Sheet music and music-stands;
• Gala dress for concerts;
• Participants must bring their health certificate;


• We will be living in Kuršėnai Children Foster Home;
• Those willing to join us for workshops and courses should register in advance by phone or e-mail.
• Participation fee – LTL 150.00
• Participation fee payable by socially-supported individuals – LTL 100.00
• Participation fee must be remitted to the following bank account:
Beneficiary: Public Institution KULTŪROS ARTELĖ
Acc. LT 73 7300010091815353with AB Swedbank, bank code 73000, SWIFT code: HABALT22

Participants shall arrive on their own
on July 17th (Friday), before 18.00

July 26th (Sunday) after the event in Kretinga district or
July 27th (Monday) before 12.00

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